Luxury Refurbished iPhones Are Dampening The Growth Of Affordable Android Phones

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Refurbished iPhones have been contributing to the slowing growth of affordable Android smartphones around the world due to their excellent value and quality.

A refurbished iPhone is a used phone with no defects. It often looks brand new with no significant scratches or marks, offering the same features as a new phone but comes at a fraction of the cost.”— PhonelyDUBLIN, IRELAND, July 2, 2021 / -- Refurbished iPhones have been contributing to the slowing growth of affordable Android smartphones around the world. A refurbished iPhone is a used phone with no defects. It often looks brand new with no significant scratches or marks, offering the same features as a new phone but comes at a fraction of the cost.

The refurbished market has been growing over the past few years as people are more conscious about their spending and looking for affordable options. According to a major report by Counterpoint Research in 2018, "the global market for refurbished smartphones grew 13 per cent year over year in 2017, reaching close to 140 million units." This was much higher than the market for other smartphones, which grew by just 3% during the year, or barely 33.8 million units.

More recent data suggests that the sale of refurbished iPhones slowed a bit because of Covid-19, which appear to have made second-hand phones less appealing because of fear of being infected. But with the world recovering from the pandemic, that fear seems to have largely passed. Refurbished mobile phones remain an attractive option for those seeking to buy a new phone without the price tag of a brand-new model.

Firstly, iPhone is the world's best-selling smartphone by a considerable margin. This simply means that most people prefer it to other smartphones. Generally, people offer the following reasons why they prefer iPhone to Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel:

Apple's App Store appears to have more cool apps than Android's Google Play Store. For example, here is a list of super cool apps you can't find in the Play Store. They include Spectre Camera, a photography software that has won the iPhone's App of the Year award. The software ensures that every shot is steady and professional by removing unwanted objects from its background.

Many people who have tried both smartphones say iPhones provide a better user experience. This viewpoint is subjective, and you can indeed find people who have no preference or say that Android's user interface is better suited to their needs. But iPhone's touch screen, for example, is more responsive than most Android phones thanks to using a capacitive touchscreen rather than an LCD one. We should not also forget the fact that more people buy iPhones than other smartphones. That should mean something, shouldn't it?

iPhones work better with other Apple products. Apple produces several other products such as MacBook, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iPad. If you have an iPhone, it will seamlessly integrate with all those devices via the Apple Id. For example, you can write notes on your MacBook computer and then edit them on your iPhone when you're on the go. In other words, if you have one Apple product, you are more likely to buy other Apple products.

Finally, deciding what smartphone to have has become increasingly important as a phone is much more than just hardware and software these days: it can be seen as an extension of one's personality or even their soul. It offers people the opportunity to communicate with loved ones in real-time, take photos on vacation without carrying around heavy cameras, and stay connected 24/7. What do you think? Would you prefer a refurbished iPhone to a brand-new Android phone?

5 Reasons Why a Refurbished iPhone is the Best Choice

A Refurbished iPhone is 100% Authentic
You might have questions regarding the authenticity of a “second hand phone”. However, a refurbished iPhone is maintained by the manufacturer (Apple) and all glitches etc are addressed so that the iPhone can be resold. In fact, some parts are often replaced with new and official parts which means a refurbished phone can sometimes function even better than a new iPhone!

The Quality of a Refurbished iPhone is the Same as a New One
If you buy a refurbished iPhone from a trusted iPhone shop in Ireland such as Phonely, you can be certain of the quality. This means that a refurbished iPhone is not the same as a used phone. Unfortunately, you can’t always trust a private seller when it comes to the quality of a used phone but an iPhone shop will only sell you a product which has been fully tested and approved for resale.

Most Concerns that People have about Refurbished iPhones are Untrue
Believe it or not, most of the fears that people have about buying a refurbished iPhone are unfounded. A refurbished iPhone can have just as long a lifespan as a newer model. It all comes down to the specifics of each phone and you can check these aspects in an actual iPhone shop in Ireland. For instance, you can manually check the battery capacity which is hugely important for an iPhone. If the capacity is above 80%, you can be sure that your iPhone will function in accordance with Apple’s standards!

Buying a Refurbished iPhone is Better for the Environment
While you might be more concerned about the impact on your wallet, buying a refurbished iPhone is better for the environment. A lot of carbon dioxide (emissions) is released during the production process of a mobile phone. Contributing to this process is unavoidable...unless you choose to buy a refurbished iPhone instead!

You Can Receive Genuine Value with a Refurbished iPhone
We can’t talk about the benefits of a refurbished iPhone without talking about the cost. It’s true, you don’t always get the official apple box with a refurbished model and you won’t find that shiny plastic that you remove from a new iPhone. But how long do you spend thinking about this plastic or shiny box? They simply don’t matter. With a refurbished iPhone, you get a good-as-new iPhone for a much lesser price.
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