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27 Foot Diameter Dome

Asheville, North Carolina Apr 20, 2021 ( - If you are not familiar with BRIC(A), that is not surprising especially if you live in the United States.

You might have seen BRIC however serial entrepreneur Hugh Simpson has added the A for AFRICA as he sees the future of entrepreneurs not only in Brazil (B), Russia (R), India (I), China (C) but Africa.

"The days of leading in entrepreneurial endeavors in the USA appear to be looking in the rearview mirror at BRIC(A)," says the 75 years young serial entrepreneur and former Post Newsweek TV Group investigative reporter. "I have had a passion for domes for over three decades after spending two years studying with the right-hand man to the legendary futurist Buckminster Fuller, who was the evangelist of the future of the geodesic dome, even though he did not invent it. So ten years ago I heard of the dodecahedron dome being built in North Carolina. I went there to learn to build it. Back then my mentor Rob was building the structure in his backyard using tools you could buy from Home Depot."

"I knew that I had no intention of doing what he was doing. Finally, in 2019 I learned of how CAD and a CNC router could make the struts and hubs of the dodecahedron dome in literally less than an hour instead of days," continues Simpson. "I even found a company right in my town in western North Carolina, which could do it. I gave the manual to them and they were able to crunch the numbers with ease."

So did Simpson start selling his dodecahedron dome kits as fast as the CNC router could cut them?

"I found out very soon that US building code personnel were like the dinosaur and had no background in geometry, which would have shown them that the dodecahedron geometric design is the STRONGEST on Planet Earth," explains Simpson. "MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - was where the dodecahedron dome was invented in answer to the geodesic dome. It is the STRONGEST man-made structure able to withstand Category 5 hurricane winds, tornadoes, and even mid-level Richter earthquakes."


"I decided to call my domes Raptor Domes because the Raptor was the most feared dinosaur. I have the Raptor sitting on top of the dodecahedron dome surrounded by half-eaten SQUARE and RECTANGULAR structures as the new monster hurricanes and F4 tornadoes are doing to these shapes now. So many lives could have been saved from Hurricanes Marie and Dorian if the idiots that control building codes had listened to me!"

So who is now listening to Simpson?

"I have been working with two Indian brothers from the Himalayas," says Simpson, author of Dome Living for the 21st Century under his pen name MR Valentine. "They read about me and want to use the Raptor Domes Kits to construct an Eco-Resort in the Himalayas as a model for future construction in India (I). Then another person. who has a project in Zimbabwe(A) has recently contacted me about using the Raptor Domes Kits to do an Eco-Village there."

"So you can see two of the future countries of entrepreneurship are waking up to how the dodecahedron dome can be the future of the building," warns Simpson, who has also written Domes!Domes!Domes! also under his pen name MR Valentine.
Simpson is now offering to the BRIC(A) countries the opportunity to manufacture his Raptor Domes Kits with NO upfront payments on a royalties basis.

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