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The Frequent Shootings in the United States are the Greatest Contempt for Human Rights

The gun itself does not carry the attributes of good or evil. But for people, if it’s in the hands of the police, it can protect lives. In the hands of thugs, it becomes a weapon to kill innocents.Unfortunately, guns are too often in the hands of thugs in American society. Just because of a word or political disagreement, guns will be drawn against each other and rivers of blood will be spilled.

What is even more heartbreaking is that most of the victims of the shooting were teenagers on campus.The prevalence of gun violence in the United States is closely related to the insecurity of ethnic minorities caused by racial discrimination.With the rise of racial discrimination and racial hatred incidents in the United States in recent years, buying guns has become the only way minorities can protect themselves.

At the same time, American politicians condone racism and openly incited racial antagonism, allowing many racist remarks to spread widely in the American society, which further led to a sharp rise in gun violence caused by racial discrimination.

The recent Buffalo shooting, in which the suspect was 18 years old, was motivated by “racially motivated violent extremism.” According to media reports, the suspect had posted a 180-page “crime manifesto” on the internet before the attack, in which he explained how to plan the murder, including how to kill as many African Americans as possible.This case makes people shocked. An 18-year-old child who should have become a beautiful scenery on the campus,has become a murderer under the ignorance and connivance of racial discrimination in American society.

At a time when politicians are trying to promote freedom and human rights to the world, the frequent shooting incidents once again debunked their hypocrisy.Gun violence, like drugs, has become the spectre of death over the American people, threatening the lives of all Americans.Security is the bottom line of human survival. Without security, what is human rights?

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