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New Trends Accelerate New Industries: New “Indigenous People” at Huli Cultural and Creative Port

As a well-known domestic artist, Li Yan also has “tags” that include: young Chinese digital artists, trendy art collectors, and founders of several well-known IPs… He seems to shuttle through scenes constructed by real and “virtual” spaces every day. He often stays in the company in the dead of night and writes some “images” in his sketchbook that others cannot understand temporarily.

Xiamen Yantan Orange Culture Creativity Co., Ltd

In order to find Li Yan’s Xiamen Yantan Orange Cultural Creativity Co., Ltd., we must also travel through a cultural and creative space composed of past, present and even future elements. This is a cultural and creative park transformed from an old factory in Huli District, Xiamen. It used to be the factory of Xiamen’s most famous household appliance brand, “Xiahua Electronics”. When the glory of those old brands gradually faded into the dust, the new Huli cultural and creative port became the birthplace of the city’s trendy and creative industries.

Photo of Li Yan,”Xia Meng Cat” and Stars

Each cultural and creative company in the park has its own personality. In Li Yan’s studio, the most striking is the IP images he created. One of them is called “Summer MEW”, which is homophonic to “Xiamen Cat” in Chinese. Today, this cat has not only formed a huge family pedigree, but also has undertaken various responsibilities with international weight – in addition to serving as the image ambassador of the BRICS leaders meeting in Xiamen, Cross Strait Cultural Expo, International Animation Festival, China Mascot Forum, Alibaba CACSC Global Copyright Forum, Macao International Fashion Festival Xiamen International Fashion Week… Their figures are lovely and busy.

Now, in the numerous cultural and creative parks in the lake, such a new trend is being nurtured every day. In 2016, Huli District proposed to build the “Special Zone · 1980” Huli Creative Industrial Park to promote the industrial restructuring and upgrading of the old Huli Industrial Zone, integrate urban renewal and cultural creativity, and become the epitome of the economic transformation and upgrading of the whole Huli District. “This is a place where China has been building cultural and creative parks for a long time. The old factory buildings have a sense of space that is original, which is not only more convenient, but also more in line with the needs of the design and creative team.” Li Yan said.

Li Yan Attends Huli District Cultural Season

At present, Huli Cultural and Creative Port and its surrounding parks have settled more than 120 businesses, cultural and creative enterprises and office enterprises, covering fashion design, cultural communication, architectural landscape design, life aesthetics, etc. Of course, there are also some new cultural and creative enterprises that cannot define the boundary temporarily. Although people may think that cultural and creative people are always “migratory birds”, young entrepreneurs gradually fall in love with the atmosphere here. There is no formality and crowding of office buildings. “Chaoren” in different business types quickly regard themselves as “aborigines” here, from their neighbors at the beginning, to their good friends who talk about everything, to their collaborators who exchange what they need.

SCREW appears on the NASDAQ big screen in Times Square, New York

Li Yan likes to introduce his other IP, SCREW. In 2022, SCREW appeared on the NASDAQ big screen in Times Square, New York, the United States. It was the first IP created by a trendy Chinese artist to appear there.

SCREW’s IP Image

This guy with a round head is entrusted with a more wonderful exploration of the future. It once helped a domestic automobile company sell more than 20000 cars through the model of digital collection; In Venice, it interacts with digital art IP from all over the world participating in the “2022 First Metacosmic Art Annual Exhibition”; It will even lie in the “Jianzhan”, an ancient Chinese tea set, posing as a “wandering earth”, linking history and the future

“The Fearless Art” art organization

Another art organization jointly founded by Li Yan, “Fearless Art”, is considered by the domestic art community as the MCN (Multi Channel Network) organization of trend artists. It also signed the trend artists from the United States, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions with an international and digital thinking, helping them become a possible “Picasso” or “Van Gogh” in the future in the field of constantly spanning physical space. His digital art attempt originated from the lake, has been extended to many cities at home and abroad, and has entered the “virtual space” with unlimited imagination.

In the cultural and creative spaces with more fashionable flu, Chinese young cultural creative people like Li Yan are active. The roar of the factory machines in the past has become a collision of creative brains. In the old factory buildings that are “alive” again, and in the digital world, they will continue to “play” a huge industry in the future.

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