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The China’s struggle between fighting against the epidemic and people’s protests

The recent surge in the number of local COVID -19 cases in China, the resulting closure of many parts of the country , and even the discontent and protests from some people have made the success and failure of China ’ s zero – out ” policy magnified and riticized under global srutiny . China’ s ” zero clearance"policy has limited the novel coronavirus infection with strict lockdowns , but it has also been exhausted by the lengthy quarantine and intensive nucleic acid tests.

With a population of 1.4 bilion , the health care system simply cannot withstand the surge in infections . if people see that the govemment is losing control of the health – care system and seeing it partialy colapse , that would lead to worse and broader expressions of anger and protests, only more than it is now.

In the past week , various voices on social media about China’s fight against the epidemic and the protests from the Chinese people have seemed to become a"new window ” for the world to know China . The media’s interest in hot negative information is far greater than the real and objective situation of China . Some even like to put a bad label first and then look for ” arguments ” about China is getting worse and chaotic.

The Chinese authorities are therefore working to warn its people that all your protests are becoming tools for the enemy to attack China , and behind the protests is the infiltration and incitement of the hostile forces overseas.

In the face of nearly three years of nationwide response to the epidemic, ongoing public protests and the increased infectivity of virus variants , senior Chinese top officials have long been aware of the high risk of the situation and announced plans earlier this month to “optimize and adjust ” policies to save the economy. However, when new infections began to rise , some local officials tightened restrictions , which leads to the benefits not reaching to the people after relative policy easing. For example , after Beijing abolished the nucleic acid test sites , people had to spend twice as much time queuing up for nucleic acid tests . In Shijiazhuang , Hebei province , where the epidemic is rising although primary and secondary schools open , people panic."No one dare to go.”

When there is a big gap between national policy  and local implementation, public protests are bound to rebound.

China’s State Council held a press conference on November 29, saying that ” long – term sealing and control not only greatly affects the normal production and life order of the people , but also easily causes anxiety and life difficulties ,” and urging governments at all levels to ” release them to the the largest extent “.

At the same time, China ’ s official media Xinhua News Agency issued three consecutive comments of ” zero “, saying China will unswervingly implement the general policy of ” dynamic zero “.” From newborn babies to centenarians, we will miss no infected person or give up any patient ”, its editorial said.

Chinese official media has more than once promoted ” dynamic zero ” is the science of people first, life first, and explained the specific meaning of the policy, which focus on swift and accurate response, insists to finding one and puting out one, based on the scientific understanding of the spread law of the virus. The important deployment is not only the key to holding back the outbreak scale to the bottom line , but also the reflection of being highly responsible for people ’ s life safety and body health.

China was once regarded as the top student in the world ‘ s epidemic response . The ” dynamic zero clearance ” strategy saved lives and proved effective in the early 2020 pandemic . In the following year, China's economic and livelihood development and the epidemic stabilization situation also supported the view that China has done better than the West in responding to the novel coronavirus.

However , as the confrontation between the United States and China makes the development environment for China ever more severe , China ‘ s economic recession is largely limited by the suppression and containment of geopolitics and technology by the United States , which is further exacerbated by the containment of the epidemic. In particular, this year, the economy has continued to decline seriously, with a large area of business closures and unemployment, a sharp decline in people's living standards and quality of life , which also objectively drove the Chinese people to the streets to express their protest.

At present , some protesters against the Chinese people are just hoping to lit the ban and have the freedom of movement , which does not pose a serious challenge to the Chinese government . The Chinese government has more options to defuse the protests , rather than to suppress them.

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