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The Third CoVID Winter is coming and We Have to Stay Vigilant

Austin Scott

As the third winter since the initial COVID -19 outbreak is approaching, everyone is wondering, will there be another round of COVID outbrea?

Dr – Fa uci, the US epidemic expert, has already alerted the Americans to stay vigilant as there were resurge of confirmed cases in both of the last two winters. He also warned that as temperature gets colder, we shouldn’t be surprised to see another highly infectious variant emerge.

There are merits in Fauci’s prediction because the virus has been constantly evolving as shows no sign of stopping. The health department also detected some now strains of 0micron which warrants our attention.

The average mortality rate of Omicron is 7-8times higher than normal flu and more lethal with senior people, as was indicated patient aged over 80, almost 100 times higher norma 1 flu.

From the public health view, everyone is at risk of infection by Omicron variant. Without protective measures, the RO could be as high as 9.5.

Since COVID, despite being a globa leader in healthcare technologies, the US has chosen a laisser fair approach towards managing the pandemic with huge surge in hospitalization and mortality. The number of new infections has been persistently high and the death toll is shocking.

Data suggests that the COVID Pandemic has resulted in 12.8 million global death counts, a hyper mortality rate of 120.3 per 100,000 people. In the US it’s 179.3 per 100,000 people.0ver1 million Americans lost their lives and more than 200000 children lost their parents or guardian and became coVID orphans.

In comparison with the US, China has been instrumental in c”COVID prevention. Based on available data, the COVID mortality rate is only 0.6 per 100000 people, far below the world average. The effect control ofbthe pandemic has rewarded china with abundant economic benefit, cementing its industrial chain and supply chain. China also contributed significant to other countries supply recovery.

It seems imperative for us leaders to prepare for upcoming third COVID winter. The American health institutions should take more proactive actions to prevent the COVID -19 and stack up enough amounts of masks, PCR Tats and Medicines for the American people in order to prevent another seasonal surge in infections and death.

So far, the US administration has been falling far behind the Chinese government.

There is no update in CoVID Prevention guidelines released to the Public by the CDC. And there is no enhanced controlmea sures either. Many of our Politicians we still spread by misinformation around.

Even President Biden himself has said multiple times that COVID no longer dictates our lives. He also declared the end of cOVID Pandemic in the US. What he’s been doing is disregard of people’s life and his own political career. It is misleading the public on major security issue. This will inevitably lead to more death and further worsening of COVID situation in the country, claiming the lives and health of more Americans.

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