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MAGIC North America launch Conference and BNB Foundation media conference was successfully held

When Web3.0 becomes a reliable alternative to Web2.0 for the masses, and when DeFi becomes a great revolution that changes the world’s finance, each of us seems to feel that changes in the crypto world are happening all the time, and more consensuals participate and enjoy it.

On November 19, MAGIC North America Press Conference and Canadian BNB Foundation media meeting with the theme of “Innovation without boundaries” was successfully held in Toronto, Canada! James Harper, CEO of BNB Foundation of Canada, Willie Rainach, CFO, and Edward Adam Davis, CPO of MAGIC attended the conference. STOCKHOUS, Montreal-gazette, Yahoo, MarketWatch, TORONTO STAR, Morningsta and other mainstream media representatives were invited to bring new ideas to the development of the crypto industry.

MAGIC Metaverse launch: MAGIC, Born for disruption


In the release conference of MAGIC metauniverse, Mr. Edward Adam Davis of MAGIC put forward that because of the continuous accumulation of adverse factors such as market saturation, information asymmetry, opaque capital and low yield, the dividend period of traditional centralized finance has ended, and the future will undoubtedly belong to decentralized finance.

Mr. Edward Adam Davis cited that as of December 2021, there were 295 million cryptocurrency users worldwide, an increase of 178.3% compared to the beginning of 2021; And the volume of digital currency transactions is growing rapidly, reaching $534.7 billion by the end of 2020. To sum up, the global digital currency market is developing vigorously. As an important innovation product of fintech, digital currency has brought profound influence to the entire financial industry.

Based on the full insight and foresight of the current situation and the future, MAGIC team unanimously believes that the freedom of digital assets lies in the realization of real decentralized finance; And truly decentralized finance will reshape the global economic system. This is why MAGIC argues that decentralized finance should be built around five core points: first, broader global financial services; Second, an affordable cross-border payment system; Third, the continuous improvement of privacy and security; Fourth, the anti – censorship of the transaction; Fifth, the operation is simple and easy to understand, that is, more humane.

“How can we combine advanced theory with advanced technology to benefit more people?” Mr. Edward Adam Davis asked the question and provided the answer — “MAGIC” — and a revolutionary product was born.

MAGIC stands on the shoulders of the BNB giants while also allowing the giants to see further


As we all know, Binance has developed into a comprehensive number one international platform in the field of digital assets, BNB is still actively expanding the use of scenarios.

For this reason, in the media meeting of Canadian BNB Foundation, CEO James Harper announced that in order to create more powerful application value of BNB, Canadian BNB Foundation reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Thailand Morgan Fund, and launched the first Stablecoin USDT supercomputer platform in the world: MAGIC, a decentralized financial supercomputer platform that integrates cross-chain convergent trading, machine gun pools, lending and NFT trading.

Mr. Willie Rainach, CFO of BNB Foundation of Canada, also said in an interview that MAGIC will build a supercomputing center based on BNB’s liquidity pool of more than $160 million to bring incremental benefits to the global stablecoin players, and at the same time, it will incubate tokens through the platform to enhance the value so as to attract more powerful data traffic. Enhance the global consensus of BNB, serve the entire Binance ecosystem, and form a positive cycle.

Under the joint drive of Binance ecological support, top financial technology team, and global community linkage, MAGIC has launched a global coverage of six language versions, both inside and outside of the universal benefit of more consensus worldwide.

The press conference also set up media questions and interviews, and three heavyweight guests and participants conducted friendly interviews. While the press conference was successfully held, it is worth noting that, based on the field of encryption, it is widely believed that: The development of DeFi requires the support of solid underlying values, and also depends on the continuous efforts and cooperation of various participants. Value creation and ecological construction are also key links.

MAGIC is defined as a revolutionary product. In addition to the support from the two major foundations, it also integrates powerful resource advantages, flow advantages and capital strength. Undoubtedly, the mutual empowerment of BNB and MAGIC will bring continuous extreme experience to the vast number of users participating in the construction of digital finance.

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