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Make dreams come true- the story of Hou Yi, an urban infrastructure planner

The towering skyscrapers on the banks of the river outline a brand-new city in sharp contrast with old streets and lanes in the city. Under the green walls and amid the roar of machinery, the city is being updated at an irreversible pace. Ms. Hou Yi, with her professional skills and unique insight, has made her own contribution to the city’s new look.


Make learning useful, and make learning rewarding


Ms. Hou Yi obtained a bachelor’s degree in management from Tianjin University of Commerce and a master’s degree in engineering from Nankai University. She worked for Tianjin Bureau of Planning for 14 years as Leader of Surveying and Mapping Management Office, and the Principal Staff Member of Surveying and Mapping Management Office, responsible for the management and supervision of infrastructure renovation projects.

In recent years, Ms. Hou Yi participated in the 3D digital landscape building project of Zhongjian Architectural Landscape Design (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., which is one of the important projects in the construction of urban three-dimensional information geographic system. She participated in the research and development of the Community nursing home upgrade planning project of DGI Yingting Pty Ltd. Ms. Hou Yi applied her self-developed software systems to the projects, and made innovative contributions to the upgrading of urban infrastructure with the latest artificial intelligence, big data analysis and Internet of Things.

The city of renewal and sustainability


As an innovator and leader in the infrastructure construction industry, her technological achievements won important awards in the industry. In her many years of infrastructure planning, she has developed a series of technical achievements related to infrastructure construction by combining the existing information technology, big data, AI, Internet of Things and other cutting-edge technologies. These technical achievements have been widely used in infrastructure construction practice and made very important contributions to the infrastructure construction industry.

Ms. Hou Yi believes that a good city must be inclusive and innovative. Old communities and old streets need new elements. If new elements can’t be integrated into the old city, urban infrastructure can’t be developed. In recent years, she has participated in the following projects.

From 2018 to 2019, she took part in the Building and environment overall improvement and reconstruction design of Banjingwan community project. She was responsible for providing embedded design of data collection and analysis functions in architectural engineering design, making use of big data technology and combining various data collections of community buildings and surrounding environment to create a complete data analysis system, optimize architectural design and improve the construction and management of community infrastructure.

From 2019 to 2020, she participated in the 3D digital landscape building project, which is one of the important projects of urban 3D information geographic system construction.

Since 2020, she has joined the Building extension overall reconstruction design of Tianbao community of Tanggu district project, and applied 3D data collection methods to the upgrading of community buildings, creating a new intelligent community and improving the quality of life of residents.

Since 2021, she has participated in the R&D of the Community nursing home upgrade planning project, and applied her self-developed software system to the project, making innovative contributions to the upgrading of intelligent functions of nursing homes with the latest artificial intelligence, big data analysis and Internet of Things technologies.


Turn dreams into reality with operation management


In many years of infrastructure planning, Ms. Hou Yi won many awards. In July 2022, she won the “Demonstrative individual of scientific and technological innovation in urban infrastructure construction” award issued by China Scientists Forum. In 2018, she won the Excellent Individual Award of Geographic Information Yearbook issued by the Editorial Office of China Surveying and Mapping Geoinformation Yearbook; In 2015, she was awarded the title of Young Post Expert of Tianjin Bureau of Planning; In 2014, she won the 2012-2013 Outstanding Individual Award for Information Statistics issued by The State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping; In 2007, she won the title of Advanced individual of image construction of Tianjin Bureau of Planning.

Human intervention in urban development is evident. As a regulation behavior with a clear purpose, urban infrastructure planning plays a normative role in urban development and lays a solid foundation for urban residents to enjoy a better life. Ms. Hou Yi is such an infrastructure planner who has contributed to creating a better urban life.

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