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Xiamen, Fujian: Efforts to build the “Southeast Strong” of China’s film industry

“The golden rooster sings dawn, and the shadow moves Heron Island.”On the evening of November 12, the 35th China Film Golden Rooster Awards Ceremony and the closing ceremony of the 2022 China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival were held at the Xiamen Strait Grand Theatre. With the announcement of the awards of the Golden Rooster Awards, this film festival came to a successful conclusion.

On the same day, the launching ceremony of the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Starlight Coast was held at the viewing platform of Yanwu Bridge in Xiamen. The scene not only brought together the signature handprints of outstanding filmmakers, but also created a strong movie atmosphere through film elements, golden rooster elements and other devices. The corresponding night scene design made this coast more starry and dreamlike, becoming Xiamen’s version of “starlight Avenue”.

This 3-day China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival will hold 5 academic forums including the Golden Rooster Film Forum. The events held at the same time include: Golden Rooster Film Venture Capital Conference, Golden Rooster Award-Gulangyu Forum, Digital Film and Television Industry Summit Forum and Film and Television Industry Project Signing Ceremony, as well as Domestic New Film Festival, Golden Rooster International Film Festival, Golden Rooster Hong Kong Film Festival, the 3rd Golden Rooster Cross-Strait Hong Kong and Macau Youth Short Film Festival, Bamin Film Tour, Outdoor Public Welfare Film Festival, Launching Ceremony of “Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Starlight Coast”, film industry learning forum, film artists’ in-depth grassroots activities, etc., the activities fully showcase the development achievements of the film industry and explore new trends in the development of the film industry .

According to the organizing committee, this year’s Golden Rooster Awards received a total of 168 applications for various films, including 51 feature films, 50 small and medium cost feature films, 13 children’s films, 15 art films, 17 documentaries/scientific and educational films, and 11 opera films , 11 foreign language films.

The China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, which started in 1992, has traveled to 28 cities across the country in the past 30 years and has become a shining business card for Chinese films. Since 2019, the film festival has settled in Xiamen and has been held for 4 consecutive sessions, bringing Xiamen onto the “red carpet” of the glorious history of Chinese films. In recent years, Xiamen has combined the film and television kinetic energy inspired by the China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival with the advantages of local cultural tourism to promote the upgrade of natural studios that are all-weather and without seasonal differences. Xiamen has accelerated the integration of resources and the introduction of social capital and film and television companies.

At present, there are 2,287 film and television enterprises in Xiamen, with a total registered capital of 17.405 billion yuan and a total investment of 23.116 billion yuan. Among them, 140 new film and television enterprises have been added this year, with an investment of 1.056 billion yuan. From the initial filming location to today’s full-process industrial cluster, the development environment of Xiamen’s film and television industry is becoming increasingly mature. Combined with the “virtual studio” empowered by technology, Xiamen is building a “wide area studio” that links inside and outside the island.

The “2022 China Film Investment and Financing Report” released by the National Institute of Financial Research of Tsinghua University shows that from 2019 to 2022, in terms of the number of film filing companies and the registration locations of the top 50 film production companies at the box office, Xiamen ranks among the top in the country.

In recent years, Xiamen has vigorously promoted”promoting production through festivals and promoting the city through festivals” to continuously improve the professional and international level of the China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival. It has played an important role in promoting the Chinese film industry into a higher field.

According to statistics, in the past ten years, China has shot an average of 847 films per year, not only “The Battle at Lake Changjin”, “Wolf Warrior 2”, “Hi, Mom”, “The Wandering Earth”, “Ne Zha”, “Operation Red Sea” and other record-breaking high-grossing films, and also launched a number of representative works of new mainstream films, realistic films, Chinese-style genre films, literary films, art films, animations, and documentaries.

The development of China’s film and television industry in the past three years is remarkable. According to the “2022 China Film and Television Industry Research Report”, the total number of Chinese film screens has exceeded 80,000. In 2021, the output, box office, number of screens, and film audiences of various films in the Chinese film market will continue to rank first in the world. Among them, Chinese film box office will continue to rank first in the world. About 7.4 billion US dollars, accounting for 34.89% of the total global box office.

As the “city of golden roosters”, Xiamen’s performance is particularly dazzling. Since 2021, Xiamen Film has ranked among the top in the country in the number of registered units and the number of film producers in the top 50 annual box office. During this year’s film festival, more than 50 investment promotion projects in the digital film and television industry from various districts and related units in Xiamen held a landing signing ceremony, with the contract amount exceeding 15 billion yuan. Zhuang Rongliang, vice mayor of Xiamen, said that Xiamen will continue to “build a platform and pave the way” for the development of China’s film and television industry.

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