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The World Famous Giant Goldrush Is Coming

Goldrush was established in 2022. Headquartered in Colorado, it is one of the world’s leading commerce platforms, connecting millions of value-conscious employees with over 300,000 YouTube and Tiktok bloggers worldwide. Goldrush combines technology and data science capabilities with an innovative discovery-based mobile shopping experience to create a highly visual, fun and personalized platform system for its users.

Goldrush, we provide a variety of convenient tasks to users around the world.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, various new features, new products have been launched on e-commerce platforms in different countries around the world. In order to promote the platform and products faster and better, merchants use the platform provided by Goldrush to increase the user activity of the platform. In order to increase the activity, popularity and reviews of the platform, Goldrush has received many requests from various e-commerce companies to help them with this task. Now, with Goldrush‘s full-time staff unable to complete a large number of tasks, they have opted to hire more part-time staff online.

Platform system advantages

1.Online and platform-based services: To solve the problem of merchant platforms and limited resources, merchants can freely choose task distribution channels.

2.Data analysis only starts with mobile users, and products can be driven by user interests. With the help of intelligent recommendation technology, it maintains invisible interaction with users and greatly increases user stickiness.

3.Goldrushcompletes tasks faster, does not require too many processing skills, the rules are simple and direct, the initial weight distribution of tasks is consistent and fair, and the recommended distribution process is adjusted according to business indicators

4.The activity tasks on the platform are very simple and are mostly used to match user stickiness;

5.High income and relatively fair competition;

6.Sensitive marketing, point-to-point personalized push, user satisfaction;

7.a clear marketing positioning.

Our work

Goldrush is a world-renowned intelligent online services platform and we are proud to grow and build a global presence. We provide intelligent task management services for 300,000 YouTube users and tiktok users, and process more than 30 million active task orders and comments every day.

Our online staff

Goldrush currently has more than 1 million online part-timers around the world, engaged in fully automated and intelligent processing of clicks, video viewing and commenting.

Our purpose

As a comprehensive service platform, Goldrush is a platform that actively provides services for global users. It is suitable for individual entrepreneurship, for team win-win services, and also for private and personalized services. At the same time, we provide a variety of business tools, free and timely task updates and 24/7 online support to protect the user’s viscosity and user experience!

7*24 hours online customer service, answer users anytime, anywhere!

Our achievements

In 2022, Goldrush‘s cumulative turnover has exceeded $1 billion. At present, there are tens of millions of active users in 28 countries around the world, and many users have obtained their ideal life through Goldrush. To this end, we are very proud, and we will grow and achieve greater achievements with all our customers!


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