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Focusound™️ Announces Upcoming Launch of the See-Thru Glass Directional Speaker

Personal audio innovator Focusound™️ has announced the upcoming launch of a revolutionary new directional speaker that allows for immersive audio without disturbing others: 'a see-thru glass directional speaker'. Focusound™️ is a glass directional speaker that uses a unique design that emits sound from its transparent screen, targeting the sound in a narrow field. This innovative design drastically reduces the need for headphones, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable listening experience. The transparent glass directional speaker creates a personal audio space in various situations where music is desired without disturbing others in the same area. Focusound™️ Glass Directional Speaker will be coming soon to Kickstarter at

Focusound™️ is a magic and powerful speaker that gives users new options when a private audio experience is needed. Utilizing Focusound technology, the latest and revolutionary Directed Audio Technology (DAT), it delivers sound in a highly directive way, like how a spotlight directs a beam of light. Perfect for those who desire privacy while enjoying music or calls. Users will be able to direct a beam of sound to the targeted spot where they need the sound to be. 

Unlike normal sound speakers, which generally propagate omnidirectional sounds, Focusound™️ speaker delivers sound along a fixed direction in a narrow beam so that sound can be precisely controlled and targeted to the desired listening area. The secrets of this cutting-edge technology are hidden within the wonderful glass panel - the source of the sound that creates a directional audio soundscape just for the listener. Along with an exclusive Multiple SoundZone Algorithm, Focusound™️ creates a full-range sound effect and spatial audio experience for the listener. It is not only a breakthrough in audio technology but also an innovation in display technology. The Focusound™️ team went through years of research and development for this ingenious use of glass directional speakers to be available for everyone.

In comparison with other traditional directional speakers, Focusound™️ is one of the world's most advanced directional speakers that uses translucent glass as the sound-emitting unit. Although directional speakers have years of developing history, it is hard to see one with such a small size while maintaining the novel and private listening experience in the current market. This synthesized translucent glass panel is processed by several complex display semiconductor procedures. It not only shows elegance from any angle, it also ensures it's a powerful unit to provide clear, resonant sounds to the audience.  

Focusound™️ is taking a step ahead in its design language. This speaker comes with its sleek form wrapped around an aluminum body. Combined with postmodernism and de-constructing era design, a clean and compact speaker has come into users' view. 

Focusound™️ - the see-thru glass directional speaker - develops a totally new way for home entertainment by applying the latest technology to create an immersive personal audio space. It is soon available with special pricing and incentives for early adopters.

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Original Source: Focusound™️ Announces Upcoming Launch of the See-Thru Glass Directional Speaker
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