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McAfee Unveils McAfee+ Family Plans with $2M in Identity Theft Protection and Personalized Protection for Each Family Member

  • Three McAfee+ Family plan options offer increasing levels of identity and privacy protection for consumers’ digital life
  • Receive up to $2M in identity theft protection and $50K in ransomware coverage*
  • Remove personal information from risky data broker sites with Personal Data Cleanup

Today, McAfee Corp., a global leader in online protection, announced the launch of new McAfee+ Family plans to protect the identity, privacy, and devices of families all under a single plan. Now available in the U.S., McAfee+ Family plans offer robust online protection for up to six family members, including two adults and four minors. Family members can each get their own identity monitoring and alerts, secure VPN, and unlimited device protection. Adults also receive up to $2M in identity theft (up to $1M each for two adults) and $50K in ransomware coverage (up to $25K each for two adults), credit monitoring, and help to remove personal info from risky sites. Parental controls are also included to help keep kids safe online.

According to a recent McAfee study, more than 61%** of consumers feel it is their responsibility to protect the people they care about from online threats – which they say are always changing and hard to keep up with. These consumers are looking for comprehensive online protection, all from a single provider. McAfee+ Family plans answer this need by enabling users to extend the protection they receive with McAfee+ to their whole family, even if they aren’t all living under the same roof, be it kids at college or even elderly parents.

“Every person deserves to be in control of their privacy and identity online,” said Cagla Ruacan, Head of Product Strategy and Insights at McAfee. “We created the McAfee+ Family plans, so each family member has personalized protection and control. We’ve bolstered our offering by introducing new features like Personal Data Cleanup, and identity theft and ransomware coverage to provide greater protections around privacy and identity theft. We want consumers to navigate the digital world feeling confident that they, and their whole family, are safer online.”

McAfee+ Family Plans and Features

There are three family plans available with increasing levels of online protection: McAfee+™ Premium – Family, McAfee+™ Advanced – Family, and McAfee+™ Ultimate – Family. McAfee+ Ultimate – Family is the most comprehensive solution offering maximum privacy, identity, and device protection.

McAfee+ Ultimate – Family includes:

  • Identity theft coverage so up to two adults will be covered up to $2M (up to $1M each) in case of identity theft. (Theft coverage not available in New York).
  • Credit monitoring at the three major bureaus for each adult, inclusive of change of address monitoring, counterfeit identity monitoring and monitoring for crimes in users’ names.
  • Credit score & report (daily) so each adult can stay on top of changes to their credit reports and scores.
  • Credit lock & security freeze so each adult can lock or freeze their credit file to help prevent accounts or credit from being opened in their name.
  • Ransomware coverage to reimburse up to $50,000 (up to $25,000 each) for eligible losses and ransom fees for up to two adults.
  • Identity restoration experts are available 24/7 and with limited power of attorney can take the necessary steps to help restore users’ identity.
  • Lost wallet protection so if IDs, credit and debit cards are lost or stolen, users will be guided to cancel and replace them with minimal effort.
  • Identity monitoring of personal info; up to 60 unique pieces of info per family member.
  • Password manager so each family member can secure their accounts by generating and storing complex passwords and auto-filling their info for faster logins across devices.
  • Personal Data Cleanup (full service) for each adult to help remove personal info from data broker sites.
  • Unlimited*** device protection and VPN so each family member can protect all their personal devices with our award-winning antivirus, and can stay private and secure on public Wi-Fi which can connect automatically, when needed. Each family member can have 5 devices connected to VPN at once.
  • Individual logins so each family member can create their own login and manage their own protection.
  • Individual Protection Scores let each family member see how safe they are online, assess their weak spots and receive guidance on how to improve.
  • Parental controls to help parents keep their kids safe online.

McAfee+ Advanced – Family includes:

  • Identity theft coverage (Theft coverage not available in New York)
  • Credit monitoring for 1 bureau, including change of address monitoring
  • Credit score and report (monthly)
  • Security freeze
  • Ransomware coverage
  • Identity restoration experts
  • Lost wallet protection
  • Identity monitoring
  • Password manager
  • Personal Data Cleanup (full service)
  • Unlimited*** device protection and VPN
  • Individual logins
  • Individual Protection Scores
  • Parental controls

McAfee+ Premium includes:

  • Identity monitoring
  • Password manager
  • Personal Data Cleanup (scans)
  • Unlimited*** device protection and VPN
  • Individual logins
  • Individual Protection Scores
  • Parental controls


Family plans will be available only with our McAfee+ plans and by upgrading. Currently available on in the U.S. with additional regions to be announced. Features will vary by region.


Starting at $59.99 for the first year.

About McAfee

McAfee Corp. is a global leader in online protection for consumers. Focused on protecting people, not just devices, McAfee’s consumer solutions adapt to users’ needs in an always online world, empowering them to live securely through integrated, intuitive solutions that protect their families and communities with the right security at the right moment. For more information, please visit

* Adults receive up to $2M in identity theft (up to $1M each for two adults) and $50K in ransomware coverage (up to $25K each for two adults)

** MSI Research was conducted with 750 adults each in US, India, UK, Australia and fielded from December 1, 2022 to December 12, 2022.

***This plan covers only household devices for personal, non-commercial use, and is subject to our fair use policy. Contact Customer Support for support adding devices.

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