WASHINGTON, D.C.  20549
                                    FORM 8-K

                                 CURRENT REPORT
                     PURSUANT TO SECTION 13 OR 15(d) OF THE
                         SECURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934

Date  of  report  (Date  of  earliest  event reported)            March 26, 2002

The  Amanda  Company
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(Exact  Name  of  Registrant  as  Specified  in  its  Charter)

Utah                   1-14072         87-0430260
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(State  or  Other  Jurisdiction      (Commission     (IRS  Employer
of  Incorporation)      File  Number)           Identification  No.)

13765  Alton  Parkway,  Bldg.  F,  Irvine  CA                    92618
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(Address  of  Principal  Executive  Offices)           (Zip  Code)

Registrant's  telephone  number,  including  area  code:  (949)  859-6279
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(Former  Name  or  Former  Address,  if  Changed  Since  Last  Report)

Item  6.  Resignations  of  Registrant's  Directors

     1.     William  Prevot,  a  member of the Board of Directors of the Company
has  resigned  effective March 26, 2002.   Mr. Prevot had accepted a position in
Denver with the expectation of a limited assignment, however that assignment has
been extended and based on his other priorites, Mr. Prevot feels that he will be
unable  to  contribute  to  the  Company  in  a  fashion  that he would like to.

     2.     Jose Candia, a member of the Board of Directors, President and Chief
Executive  Officer of the Company extended his resignation to the Board on April
1,  2002.  The  Board  accepted his resignation to be effective as of that date.
Mr.  Candia's  resignation was related to items he deemed were inaccurate in the
value  of  the assets and liabilities disclosed in the tAA acquisition documents
and  in  the  manner that the Amanda shares to be issued to the tAA shareholders
was  being  calculated.

The  Registrant  having  been  appraised of these items has implemented steps to
correct  any inaccuracies including having their independent accountants and CFO
investigate  each  claim.  The  result  of the investigation was that all claims
were  addressed  and  accounted  for  in  the  tAA  December  31,  2000  audited
financials,  which  were  done  prior  to  the  completion  of  the acquisition.
Concerning the issue of the calculation of the Amanda shares to be issued to the
tAA  shareholders,  the  Registrant  feels  that  claim  is  incorrect  as well.

     Brian  Bonar,  a  current Board Member will be acting as the interim
Chairman of the  Board  and  Chief  Executive  Officer.

Item  7(c.)     Exhibits

     The  following  exhibit  is filed as part of this report in accordance with
the  provision  of  Item  601  of  Regulations  S-B:

     Exhibit          Name  of  Exhibit
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      17              Letter  on  director  resignation

Pursuant  to  the  requirements  of  the  Securities  Exchange  Act of 1934, the
Registrant  has  duly  caused  this  report  to  be  signed on its behalf by the
undersigned  thereunto  duly  authorized.

Dated:   April  4,  2002     The  Amanda  Company

/s/  Brian  Bonar            Chief  Executive  Officer      April 4, 2002
Brian  Bonar                 and Chairman  of  the  Board

/s/  David  L.  Woo
David  L.  Woo               Director                       April 4,  2002

/s/  Steve  Fryer
Steve  Fryer                 Director                       April 4,  2002

/s/  E.  Timothy  Morgan
E.  Timothy  Morgan          Director                       April 4,  2002