Item 5: Other Events and Regulation FD Disclosure

Group  Management  Corp. has appointed Len  Churn  to  fulfill  a
vacancy on its Board of Directors.

Mr.  Churn  comes to Group Management Corp. bringing a wealth  of
managerial, operational and entrepreneurial experience.  Born  in
Washington,  D.C.,  Mr. Churn was educated in the  public  school
system  in  the Nation's capital prior to moving to Philadelphia,
Pa.   Upon  graduating  from  High  School  in  1981,  Mr.  Churn
matriculated at Bethune-Cookman College, Daytona Beach,  Florida,
majoring in mathematics.

After  leaving  college, Mr. Churn immediately began  what  would
become a successful career as an independent entrepreneur with  a
commitment to professional excellence at its highest  level.   In
1987,  Len Churn became the principal proprietor of QINYAN, Inc.,
a   successful  auto  leasing  and  sales  corporation,  in   the
Philadelphia area, and remained as its president until 1991.

Mr.  Churn then seized upon an opportunity to pursue his  passion
for  the  entertainment industry full time, and dissolved QINYAN,
Inc.  For  the  next seven years he managed, owned  and  operated
several  nightclubs and entertainment venues  in and  around  the
Philadelphia area.
Mr.   Churn's   businesses  were  frequented  by  many   of   the
entertainment  industry's  most  recognized  personalities.   His
leadership  and  expertise  in this area  resulted  in  respected
associations   and   industry  networking   with   high   profile
individuals in the entertainment world.

In  1998,  Mr.  Churn moved to the Metro Atlanta,  Georgia  area,
known  as  the  entertainment "Mecca of the South",  and  rapidly
established, CHURN ENTERPRISES, UNLIMITED, a consulting  firm  to
the  entertainment  industry elite, in addition  to  servicing  a
clientele of Nightclub proprietors.

With  his  stellar  record of business success  and  never-ending
creativity,  Group  Management Corp., is fortunate  to  have  Len
Churn, with a vision for greatness, on our team.