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COEM Offers State-Of-The-Art Equipment and Facilities to Help Patients Undergo Biodetoxification from Toxicity

Charleston, South Carolina -

The Center for Environmental & Occupational Medicine (COEM) in North Charleston, South Carolina, offers patients the largest standalone unit for the biodetoxification treatment protocol in the US. Readers can find out more about the program at

Biodetoxification is a medical treatment for addressing the toxicity due to chemicals, heavy metals, mold, and adverse drug reactions. It is based on the use of natural methods to support the detoxification processes by way of dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, exercise, heat depuration therapy, IV therapy, oxygen multi-step therapy, and other holistic approaches.

Dr. Allan Lieberman, founder of COEM in 1978, explains how chemical sensitivity affects the body by saying, “Your body is under constant stress due to the presence of toxins in your system. Modern life has brought with it many conveniences but it has also drastically increased the pollutants in the environment such as pesticides, synthetic fragrances, petrochemical fumes, and many more. With time, they accumulate in your body and throw off its careful balance. You can face three key problems - an increased body burden of toxins, a depletion of key nutrients used in the body’s normal detoxification processes, and, at times, an inherently weak detoxification system. To find out just how serious the problem of chemical pollutants is, check out our blog post at”

COEM’s Biodetoxification program has been operating since October 1988 under the leadership of Dr. Lieberman. Dr. William J. Weirs and Dr. Stephen P. Elliott continue COEM's 45 years of experience, which provides safe and intensive treatments for the reduction of the body’s burden of toxic chemicals. Each patient is evaluated with a combination of a thorough assessment of their history and laboratory results. The Total Body Stress Load is determined and then addressed using the center’s cost-effective and comprehensive treatments.

“Our Biodetoxification unit is one of just three such units in the entire country,” Dr. Lieberman says. “We have spent a considerable amount of time researching and developing our Biodetoxification program. It has evolved over the years to address the needs of a wide array of health conditions. The feedback that we received from the thousands of patients we have helped achieve their health goals has been incorporated to improve the program’s outcomes.”

The Center’s Biodetoxification Program utilizes clinical procedures that safely reduce the body’s burden of toxic chemicals, including chemicals stored following occupational, accidental, and/or chronic airborne exposures. The program focuses on three main mechanisms – the mobilization of bound chemicals from storage sites through lipolysis (the breakdown of fatty tissues), enhancement of the body’s natural systems of detoxification and biotransformation, and enhancement of excretion and inhibition of re-absorption.

Dr. Lieberman explains, “Chemicals are lipophilic, meaning they are attracted to fats. When the lipophilic toxins are absorbed in the body, they bind to the fat stores in human tissues. When the body breaks down those fat molecules, the toxins are released back into the bloodstream. So, although we may initially be poisoned by an extrinsic source of toxicants, their presence in the body and eventual reentry into our metabolism processes means that we are poisoned over a prolonged period by our intrinsic stores.”

COEM’s Biodetoxification program is a standard four-week outpatient program operating eight hours each day, five days per week, for the treatment of the average patient. However, some patients may require more time, varying from four to ten weeks. According to the physician's assessment of a patient's injury and the results of laboratory testing, to acknowledge the presence of toxins, a specific set of treatments will be prescribed.

The Biodetoxification program is medically supervised and controlled. Each patient’s status is closely monitored via laboratory work, as well. Some of the treatments used during the program include heat depuration therapy daily in a dry sauna, therapeutic massage and lymphatic drainage by a licensed massage therapist, replenishment of key biodetoxification nutrients, intravenous nutrient therapy, and support sessions with a licensed health coach. After the treatment, patients are recommended detoxification procedures which they can do at home to maintain their newfound freedom from harsh pollutants

Those interested can read a testimonial of how COEM changed a patient’s life by heading over to


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Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine
Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine


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