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HTX Liquid Restaking: 112,816 MERL Airdrop Rewards for a Single User, and More Premium Projects Awaiting You

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Recently, the MERL airdrop has caused a sensation in the volatile crypto market with remarkable returns on investment. Users participating in the Liquid Restaking event on the HTX platform have also received $MERL tokens in real-time— with a single user receiving 112,816 MERL airdrop rewards. This is just one of the many earning opportunities brought by HTX Liquid Restaking, and many star projects are waiting for users to stake and reap the rewards.

One-Click Staking and One-Click Redemption: Claim MERL Airdrop Rewards Easily at HTX Liquid Restaking

HTX Liquid Restaking has simple and easy-to-understand rules, with high returns, no threshold, no lock-up, and more flexibility. Any user holding crypto assets on HTX can participate. This recent MERL airdrop is just the beginning, with many more high-quality projects in the upcoming airdrop session.

To share the dividends of the on-chain ecosystem, choose HTX Liquid Restaking to easily stake your crypto assets and receive airdrops from star projects in the future, without complicated processes or technical knowledge. HTX Liquid Restaking has simple and efficient processes and brings users substantial returns.

According to HTX's official announcement, HTX follows the same on-chain distribution rules for MERL rewards. The initial 50% of MERL airdrops released in April were fully distributed by April 22. Calculated at the current MERL price, the airdrop rewards distributed through the HTX Liquid Restaking event are not significantly different from those obtained directly on-chain, with APRs of approximately 88.02% and 88.24%, respectively.

With the one-click redemption feature, LRS points will be upgraded to corresponding project points, and redemption will be supported on the event page to facilitate users to claim subsequent rewards. Users can also conveniently convert airdrop rewards into other digital assets to maximize their profits.

Explore New High-Yield Projects with HTX as Airdrop Session Nears

In addition to the MERL airdrop, HTX Liquid Restaking has also selected many potentially high-yield on-chain restaking projects. These projects cover different ecosystems and provide users with diverse choices. Users can still participate in staking for these projects on HTX to earn points in one click and redeem airdrop rewards in the future.

In addition to Merlin Chain, other projects expected to launch airdrops of tokens for the first time include the Ethereum restaking projects, EigenLayer and Puffer, and the Bitcoin staking chain, BounceBit. HTX users can register for Liquid Restaking with their spot and futures account balances snapshotted to earn rewards. In addition to the above airdrop rewards, they can also win crypto rewards such as ETH, USDT, HTX, and TRX.

HTX provides easy access to the Liquidity Restaking event —— Visit the Liquid Restaking event page on the platform, and users can fund their HTX account by making deposits, trades, etc., to hold at least $1 worth of BTC, ETH, USDT, HTX, TRX, or other designated assets to enroll in the event with just one click and receive rewards. With these on-chain projects rolling out airdrops in the future, greater airdrops come with earlier participation! Users can stay tuned to the latest updates on the platform to gain lucrative returns.

The MERL airdrop preludes the upcoming airdrop harvest season. HTX Liquid Restaking provides a simple and efficient way to participate in restaking. It brings users substantial returns while lowering the threshold for sharing this wave of on-chain dividends, offering infinite investment opportunities and possibilities for everyone. The HTX Liquid Restaking event is attracting more and more crypto investors seeking stable returns.

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