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SuiPad Unveils Exclusive $SKO Private Sale: Leveling Up Web3 Gaming

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SuiPad, renowned for its role as a leading launchpad within the Sui network, has announced the commencement of an exclusive private sale event for $SKO. This token powers the revolutionary Sugar Kingdom Odyssey platform. This launch ushers in a new era of blockchain technology, Altcoin use cases, entertainment and gaming.

In an ever-changing market where gaming experiences are increasingly linked with decentralised technology, the launch of $SKO marks a big step forward.

Join us as we delve into Sugar Kingdom Odyssey, where high-quality projects can go to and integrate their tokens and connect with a thriving community.

What is Sugar Kingdom Odyssey?

Sugar Kingdom Odyssey is revolutionising the gaming world in the blockchain space, Altcoins and Bitcoin by providing a place for any BRC-20 token and altcoin to find utility.

Through engaging games and creative features, SKO allows high-quality projects to integrate their tokens and connect with an active community. Unlike typical play-to-earn methods, Sugar Kingdom Odyssey promotes a sustainable, circular economy by distributing fees from tournament pools to $SKO token stakers through weekly airdrops.

What makes Sugar Kingdom Odyssey Unique?

Sugar Kingdom Odyssey (SKO) stands out in the expanding world of web3 games thanks to various unique characteristics:

1. Circular Economy: SKO operates on a circular economy model, where 20% of the total value deposited into prize pools is redistributed to $SKO token stakers. This mechanism fosters sustainability and rewards users for their engagement, creating a symbiotic relationship between players, token holders, and the platform. By aligning incentives, SKO ensures that profitability is directly linked to community participation, paving the way for a more dynamic and fair gaming ecosystem.

2. Direct Token Utility: SKO provides direct utility for every BRC-20 token and altcoins, allowing high-quality projects to integrate their tokens into a captivating gaming environment. This connection enables projects to tap into a strong gaming community while providing gamers with a variety of earning options via token rewards.

3. Innovative Reward System & Project Discovery: SKO's incentive structure distinguishes it from competitors. Players can obtain a variety of low-cap tokens through weekly airdrops, which increases engagement and fosters a dynamic ecosystem. This method not only encourages involvement but also promotes the discovery of new tokens and projects on the SKO platform.


Q1 2024:

  • Alpha Platform Launch: Sugar Kingdom Odyssey introduces its alpha platform, offering users a glimpse into the captivating gaming experience.

  • Partnership Expansion: Sugar Kingdom Odyssey aims to onboard 50 new partners interested in integrating their tokens into the platform, enhancing token utility and diversity.

  • $Sugar Token Launch: The launch of the $Sugar token marks a significant milestone in the development of SKO's ecosystem.

Q2 2024:

  • Sugar Race Launch: Sugar Kingdom Odyssey rolls out the highly anticipated Sugar Race, adding a new dimension to the gaming experience and attracting increased user engagement.

  • Project Onboarding: SKO endeavours to onboard 100 different projects, expanding the platform's reach and offering users a collection of token rewards.

Q3 2024:

  • Sweet Gums Launch: Sugar Kingdom Odessey introduces Sweet Gums.

  • NFT Integration: Sugar Kingdom Odyssey integrates NFTs as a method of payment for tickets.

Q4 2024:

Permissionless Environment: Sugar Kingdom Odyssey transitions to a permissionless environment, enabling any project to create its pools within the platform.

Basic Metrics:

  • Ticker: SKO

  • Blockchain Network: BSC

  • Token Supply: 100,000,000

  • Project Valuation: $6,000,000 USD FDMC

  • Private Price: $0.05

  • Public Price: $0.06

  • Hard Cap: $500,000 USD

  • Initial Market Cap: $400,000

  • Cex listing date: March 29th

Introduction of SuiPad:

SuiPad stands as the official Launchpad Partner of MystenLabs, committed to establishing itself as the premier launchpad for Tier 1 projects on Sui. Engineered to empower project owners with a tailored launch experience, SuiPad's Shield offers participants a secure investment environment, ensuring the protection of their principal capital.

We invite you to join both the SuiPad and SKO communities and become integral players in the Web 3.0 revolution. Engage with us, connect with like-minded individuals, and stay updated on the latest developments as we reshape the future of gaming and decentralized technologies.

Join the Community:

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