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BitCountry’s InnoVoy Event Set to Transform Polkadot Blockchain’s Identity Landscape

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BitCountry, the Polkadot parachain project for creating immersive metaverse communities, has announced the launch of InnoVoy Event, a groundbreaking campaign designed to revolutionize the Web3 identity landscape before their L1 MNet Continuum launch.

The event invites members of the Polkadot community to be among the first to experience BitAvatar, a Universal Avatar identity with NFT-bound wallet, aka Backpack wallet. The maiden project of the MNet Innovation Hub, BitAvatar represents the pinnacle of avatar customization technology, setting a new standard for advanced user experiences and web3 project access

“We are thrilled to introduce BitAvatar to the Polkadot community through the InnoVoy Event,” said Justin Pham, Co-founder and CEO of BitCountry. “BitAvatar is more than just an avatar, it’s a new way for users to express themselves and manage their profile in the Web3 space. We believe that this technology will pave the way for more personalized experiences, partner project engagement and beyond.”

The InnoVoy Event has been organized by the team for readying the launch of MNet Continuum, a scaled EVM and WASM L1 network featuring an enriched social layer comprising BitCountry, BitAvatar, BitMeet, Social Pool Protocol, ESE SDK, and Developer Portal. The campaign marks a significant milestone in the evolution of digital ID and user interaction within Polkadot, as well as the wider blockchain world.

An exclusive opportunity is available to the first 1,000 users to free-mint their BitAvatar ID without needing an Invite Code. This initiative allows early adopters to be pioneers in the BitAvatar revolution. Following the creation of the initial 1,000 avatars, new users can join using an Invite Code shared by early adopters. DOT token stakers will also have the opportunity to earn extra XP as recognition for participation in the ecosystem. Depending on the amount of tokens staked, they may also receive exclusive NFT wearables.

Owning a BitAvatar comes with the privilege of being a preferred user for MNet’s current and future ecosystem projects. BitAvatar is conceived as a gateway to organizing one’s digital assets and reputation across various virtual identities. Users have the freedom to personalize their avatars, leveraging an experimental AI tool for customizations, and upload a profile image to represent their identity post-minting.

About BitCountry Team

The BitCountry Team is committed to pioneering an advanced user experience layer over blockchain technology. This layer is designed to act as a pivotal bridge, simplifying accessibility and enhancing comprehension for a wide-ranging and varied audience. The core objective is to demystify blockchain usage, making it more intuitive and engaging.

In pursuit of this vision, the team has developed the MNet Continuum, an L1 blockchain secured by Polkadot, and its enriched layer consisting of BitCountry, BitAvatar, BitMeet, SocialPool Protocol and SDKs.

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