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NRF 2024: Shekel Unveils Sentinel, a Next-Gen Loss Prevention Product for Scan & Go Retail

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Shekel Scales (ASX: SBW), the world’s leading supplier of weight-based security modules for the various self-check-out tracks, unveiled Sentinel, an easily retrofitted in-store product that enables accurate Scan & Go and prevents loss for self-shopping applications. This innovative product marks a significant advancement in self-shopping checkout security, revolutionizing in-store technology implementation with cost-effective retrofitting capabilities.

Sentinel is easily retrofitted and equipped with high-definition load sensors and an AI-driven security module discretely operating at the base of existing store shelves, detecting and analyzing every interaction between shoppers and products.

Sentinel transforms existing retail shelf-racks into intelligent bays, enabling traditional grocery stores to seamlessly transition to self-shopping environments at a fraction of the usual cost. This addresses critical retail challenges such as shrinkage and loss prevention, which have hindered the growth of Scan & Go and mobile-checkout options, despite their popularity and the clear benefits it offers to both retailers and consumers.

Equipped with high-definition load sensors and an AI-driven security module, Sentinel discretely installs and operates at the base of existing store shelves, detecting and analyzing every interaction between shoppers and products. This system ensures that items taken from shelves correspond with those scanned by shoppers, effectively reducing incidences of mis-scanning and theft. The result is a significant decrease in shrinkage and labor costs, while offering customers a streamlined and error-free shopping experience.

"Sentinel represents a paradigm shift in the retail market," said Nir Leshem, CEO of Shekel. "It overcomes the barriers limiting self-shopping to smaller markets, enabling expansion at a substantially lower cost. Our system integrates effortlessly into existing retail infrastructures, enhancing both operational effectiveness and customer experience.”

In addition to Sentinel, Shekel will showcase its range of security scale-up modules at NRF 2024, booth #1560. These include solutions for self-checkout, smart cart, and smart cooler, all designed to enhance the shopping experience and operational effectiveness in retail settings:

  • Self-Checkout Kit: Offers real-time product validation and a new AI security layer, minimizing false alarms and shrinkage.
  • Smart Cart Scale-Up Kit: Implements weigh-in-motion technology for a more intuitive shopping process.
  • Cooler Scale-Up Kit: Enhances fresh food offerings with remote monitoring and control, aimed at increasing sales and profitability. Shekel’s Cooler Scale-Up kits are available for retail fridges as well as for vending-like unattended micro-markets.

Each module from Shekel is non-intrusive, crafted to upgrade existing store equipment, and focused on optimizing both the checkout process for customers and security for retailers.

About Shekel Scales

Shekel Scales is an innovative leader at the cutting edge of the global digital weighing industry for the past five decades. The company’s advanced weighing technologies are installed in nearly one million retail points of sale around the globe.

Shekel developed the patented “Product Aware Technology,” which delivers a unique combination of sophisticated software, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced algorithms. This technology is embedded in a range of products used in the retail, medical and industrial markets.

Based in Israel, Shekel has worldwide offices and manufacturing facilities. To learn more, please visit and follow the company on LinkedIn.

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