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How This Startup Uses AI to Deliver ROI-based Creative Intelligence

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By David Willey, Benzinga

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Marketing has sometimes been cited as a historically inefficient industry as reportedly up to 33% of marketing budgets get misspent on ineffective advertising strategies. Critics say that these approaches often rely on biased opinions or bad data, and end up with poor targeting that wastes the marketing efforts. Careless marketing can come across as inauthentic and make consumers mistrust and avoid buying from brands.

Various challenges with existing marketing methods bolster the growth of the global marketing technology (MarTech) sector, which grew to $321 billion in 2021. Interest is particularly focused on the contribution that AI can make. AI is rapidly changing marketing strategies, and RAD AI is leading the charge.

MarTech company RAD AI (which stands for Remove All Doubt) looks to be at the heart of the action on AI-based marketing. The California based company is solving industry problems with AI that automates ROI-based creative decisions as well as content strategy. The proprietary AI uses information from hundreds of API’s to provide scalable, unbiased creative intelligence that saves time and produces marketing strategies that perform quantifiably better for companies.

The company is led by CEO Jeremy Barnett, a 3x founder with over 15 years in the digital media sector, and Company President Bradley Silver, founder of content curation platform “Atomic Reach,” who has years of research experience solving AI content related problems. Also on the team is Founding Advisor Alex Wissner-Gross PhD., an award-winning computer scientist from Harvard and MIT with over 23 patents. Dr. Wissner-Gross has founded, advised, and invested in 27 technology companies that together are valued at over $850 million.

Why Remove All Doubt?

Understanding the emotional levers that trigger marketing ROI is arguably among the most important criteria when putting content in front of audiences. In the past, marketers used a combination of hunches and biased opinions derived from historical campaign performance. RAD AI understands the emotional levers that trigger ROI and removes the biased opinions associated with who, what, where, when and why for each client's creative strategy. By understanding the audience at the persona level, RAD AI delivers the optimal creative/content strategy before, during and after each campaign to produce quantifiably better ROI.

With the rise of generative AI, digital marketing content is radically less expensive to produce, but sometimes at the cost of human authenticity. On the other hand, the best conventional marketing programs understandably offer high authenticity, but come with expensive content creation costs. RAD AI combines the best of human authenticity and AI optimization to transform the content creation space. In the process, RAD AI is solving a number of problems that plague conventional marketing programs.

First, RAD AI ensures that its client campaigns have the same level of intuitive and quantifiable returns on investment as pay-per-performance ad buys, an industry first.

Second, RAD AI uses artificial intelligence to remove bias from creative decisions that might otherwise go undetected and eventually reduce the long-term value of a brand.

Third, RAD AI uses state-of-the-art machine learning techniques that were optimized for influencer marketing

Companies using its platform see tangible results, on average getting a 400% increase in content volume and a 250% improved performance while reducing the time needed to manage each campaign activation. This promise of boosted traction has seen RAD AI snag major partnerships across multiple industries, including education, gaming, entertainment, healthcare and CPG.

RAD AI revenue run rate has tripled since last year, and it’s poised for another big year in 2023 with projections exceeding over $4.5M. As a marketing company with a first-rate AI platform that delivers authentic and unbiased strategies, RAD AI has a high accuracy rate and a growing list of enterprise clients. They are currently accepting investments to scale their company and establish themselves as the leader in content authenticity and creative intelligence.

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This article was originally published on Benzinga here.

RAD AI (Remove All Doubt) is an artificial intelligence that automates ROI-based creative decisions and content strategy at scale. The company uses its proprietary AI through 600+ API connections to deliver unbiased creative intelligence that inform campaign concepts, content production and influencer selection. This results in better ROI across the entire marketing mix, hundreds of hours saved on creating content and a measurable reduction in content costs. The company is based in Los Angeles, CA and was founded in 2018.

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