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Introducing Liquid Skateboard— An Electric Skateboard Powered by Motion

Live on Kickstarter, Liquid Skateboard is an electric skateboard that keeps the original motion of skateboarding.

Liquid Skateboard, the all-new electric skateboard that maintains the exhilarating motion and action of skateboarding, is live on global platform Kickstarter and a breakout crowdfunding success story, having raised more than 200% of their initial raise goal. 

There is nothing quite like the feeling of skateboarding; each kick and push propelling riders further through the wind, ready to conquer the local streets. The Liquid Skateboard is a groundbreaking new e-skateboard designed to blend the essence of traditional skateboarding with all of the benefits of electric assistance— maintaining the authenticity of the ride while providing practical advantages for urban mobility.

“Growing up in the ski resort of Super Besse in France, I developed a love for the freedom and excitement of gliding down slopes, which led me to pursue engineering and later discover skateboarding,” says founder and CEO Alexis Chabat on the inspiration behind the project. “The idea of creating a skateboard that combines the ease of cruising with the effortless glide of snow sports took shape as I envisioned an urban, portable form of this sensation. Regularly commuting from Lille to Paris in 2020 highlighted the need for a compact, lightweight solution for city commuting that wouldn't leave me sweaty. This led to the creation of an electric skateboard with a cruise control system that maintains speed without a remote, mimicking the continuous motion of surfing.”

Liquid Skateboard, designed by the love of skateboarding and the raw sense of freedom that it offers, is an electric skateboard that keeps the spirit of traditional skateboarding alive. Where other e-boards replace the skateboarding experience with a remote, Liquid keeps the push intact, meaning that riders can experience all the thrill of skateboarding, with the added assist of an electric motor that helps maintain the speed. 

Liquid Skateboard offers a truly ride-and-go experience for novices and pros alike. Riders simply step on the board, start rolling and the board’s electronics automatically power on. Riders will never go faster than they push; push at 5 km/h, and the board will stay at 5km/h, allowing them to discover the joy of riding and cruising at their own pace. Riders can decelerate by moving their foot away from the sensor, removing any assistance from the motor and letting the board naturally slow down. Braking is done by putting the foot on the ground, just like traditional skateboarding. The cruise control also maintains speed when going downhill. The board will brake to keep the set speed constant.

“The Liquid Skateboard offers an efficient and exciting way to navigate urban environments, combining the thrill of snow sports and the effortlessness of an electric vehicle with the practicality, ease of use, and compactness of a skateboard,” adds Alexis. “By enhancing the fun of your commute with features like cruise control and a unique riding experience, this project not only promotes a healthier lifestyle but also encourages a shift towards greener, more sustainable transportation options.” 

Grab, kick and go. Liquid Skateboard is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Liquid Skateboard

We are designing skateboards that make commuting effortless, smooth, and more fun than ever before. For more information on Liquid Skateboard please visit


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