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CelestLoan: Unlocking a New Dimension of TIA On-Chain Use Cases

CelestLoan: Unlocking a New Dimension of TIA On-Chain Use Cases

Celestia is a groundbreaking innovation in blockchain, hailed as one of the most significant innovations in the field since Ethereum’s inception. It is not only a modular blockchain network but also allows anyone to deploy decentralized blockchains rapidly without incurring the costs of launching a new consensus network. The Celestia ecosystem is thriving, with its native token TIA gaining popularity and ranking among the top 40 cryptocurrencies globally. One key factor behind this success is the controlled circulation of TIA tokens and the continuous staking efforts of the network’s validators, ensuring that liquidity is readily absorbed by the market and resulting in substantial price appreciation.

However, despite the success of the Celestia ecosystem, there has been a notable absence of a comprehensive protocol that fully utilizes TIA for staking and interest-bearing lending. In response to this market gap, CelestLoan introduces the innovative concept of cTIA, opening up new opportunities for TIA-based derivatives and expanding the boundaries of on-chain ecosystems.

cTIA: The Heart of the Ecosystem

At the core of CelestLoan lies cTIA, a novel digital asset that offers users an entirely new experience in staking and lending. Through straightforward on-chain operations, users can stake their TIA tokens and mint cTIA tokens at a 1:1 ratio. This not only allows users to enjoy staking rewards but also enables participation in lending, airdrops, and other incentives. cTIA serves as the ecosystem credential for TIA holders, offering enhanced flexibility for interaction with external lending protocols, trading platforms, and wallets, thus helping users capture more opportunities for on-chain yield without taking on undue risk.

Furthermore, the minting of cTIA and protocol interactions are executed on the Optimism Layer 2 network. Optimism is one of the closest Layer 2 solutions integrated with Celestia contracts, providing users with scalability and low-cost transaction experiences, thereby enhancing the efficiency of CelestLoan operations.

cTIA’s introduction enhances the flexibility and interoperability of CelestLoan. After staking TIA to mint cTIA, users not only gain staking rewards but can also borrow USDT on the CelestLoan platform. Additionally, cTIA can interact with various Optimism-based DeFi protocols, allowing users to capture more incentives. This flexibility enables users to maximize the utility of their digital assets, along with the opportunity to earn multiple forms of income, including staking rewards, lending interest, and multiple token rewards.

1. Holding cTIA for Annual Staking Rewards

Holding cTIA automatically allows users to participate in CelestLoan’s staking pool, where they can earn an annual percentage yield (APY) of 17% on their staked assets. This provides a stable and predictable source of income for users who seek passive asset growth.

2. Pledging cTIA for USDT Loans and Capturing Additional Yield

Users have the option to pledge their cTIA tokens and borrow USDT. The borrowed USDT can be further utilized for pledging, lending, or engaging in derivative trading on other platforms. This increased flexibility allows users to switch between different financial products and strategies, increasing leverage and capturing additional yields.

3. Participation in Platform IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings)

After the launch of CelestLoan’s Launchpad functionality (mid-term feature), cTIA holders have the opportunity to participate in the platform’s Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs). The allocation of IDO tokens is based on the amount of cTIA held, granting cTIA holders a stronger say and greater involvement in new projects within the ecosystem, potentially resulting in significant value appreciation.

4. Providing Liquidity for Yield

Users can also choose to provide liquidity by pairing their cTIA tokens with other tokens and contributing to DeFi protocols on the Optimism network, such as Aave and Curve. By providing liquidity, users can earn the yield offered by the protocols, diversifying their investment opportunities and contributing to the health and liquidity of the DeFi ecosystem.

5. Receiving Airdrops from cTIA Labs Investments and Collaborations

Once cTIA Labs is launched (mid-term), it will invest in and incubate innovative projects built on the Celestia blockchain. A portion of the tokens acquired from these projects will be airdropped to cTIA holders, with the distribution breakdown as follows:

- 4%: Distributed among cTIA holders based on their holdings.
- 1%: Distributed among DAO members based on their cTIA holdings.

6. Becoming a DAO Organization Member

The top 20 cTIA holders have the opportunity to apply for membership in the DAO organization during the open recruitment period. Ultimately, 11 members will join the DAO, participating in the proposal and voting process for ecosystem projects.

In conclusion, CelestLoan introduces new opportunities for TIA holders to better manage and enhance the value of their digital assets. By providing flexible staking and lending tools, CelestLoan becomes a crucial component of the ecosystem, offering users a fresh financial experience.

Whether through staking, lending, or participating in platform IDOs, CelestLoan offers multiple income avenues, enabling users to maximize the utility of their digital assets within the Celestia ecosystem.

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