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Timeless Romance Meets Medical Drama in Award-Winning “Thirty Days Hath September” by Ronald Dwinnells

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Timeless Romance Meets Medical Drama in Award-Winning "Thirty Days Hath September" by Ronald Dwinnells
"Thirty Days Hath September,” an award-winning novel set in the 1900s, interweaves the transformative journey of a wealthy and initially aloof doctor with the historical romance of a woman who seeks her long-lost love. Acclaimed for its rich character development and blending of historical and medical elements, the book has received the prestigious Literary Titan Book Award.

Award-winning author Ronald Dwinnells’ latest novel, "Thirty Days Hath September," has received the prestigious Literary Titan Book Award, recognizing its outstanding blend of historical romance against a unique medical backdrop.

Set in the diverse decades of the 1900s, "Thirty Days Hath September" unravels an evocative story through its protagonists, Mildred and Jack Maizel. The story opens in September 1982, introducing readers to Mildred, a spirited and empathetic woman in her sixties, and Jack Maizel, a wealthy medical student who initially appears aloof and condescending.

Mildred, driven by a longing to reconnect with her first love, Delbert, a U.S. military officer from her past, crosses paths with Jack in circumstances that are less than ideal. Despite this, an unexpected bond forms between the two. Jack, portrayed initially with prejudices and biases, undergoes a profound transformation that endears him to readers. His journey is complemented by a diverse cast of characters, including Ahgri, his tolerant foreign best friend, who provides a stark contrast to Jack's initial personality.

Ronald Dwinnells, a pediatrician and healthcare executive based in Ohio, has infused his medical background into the narrative, creating a rich and authentic setting for this tale of lost loves and soulmates. His previous work, the Axiom Gold Medal-winning book "Don't Pick Up All the Dog Hairs," has not only established him as an author of great insight and wisdom but also assures readers of the authenticity of the medical aspects in his storytelling.

"Thirty Days Hath September" deftly weaves two different historical periods linked by common threads of hope, kindness, forgiveness, and redemption. The novel’s appeal transcends genres, resonating with not only romance and historical fiction enthusiasts but also a broad audience of readers who appreciate well-crafted characters and transformative narratives.

Dive into a journey of transformation and timeless romance – get your copy today and experience the magic for yourself! Available now on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.

About the Book

In the bustling hallways of a 1982 hospital, an unlikely friendship forms between a jaded medical student and a spirited elderly woman on a quest to reunite with her wartime lover. Their journey through memories and the harsh realities of life reveals hidden depths of character and unexplored paths of the heart. Can a month of unexpected encounters teach lessons of love and redemption that will last a lifetime?

About the Author

Ronald Dwinnells, based in Poland, Ohio, balances his life as a pediatrician and healthcare executive with a passion for writing and philanthropy. His contributions to literature span scholarly medical articles, various local and trade publications, as well as grant proposals benefiting his healthcare organization. Dwinnells serves as President of Butterflies and Hope, a non-profit dedicated to addressing mental and behavioral health issues in children and young adults. He has achieved acclaim with the Axiom Gold Medal-winning leadership book, "Don't Pick Up All the Dog Hairs," and has ventured into historical romance with his latest novel. Beyond his professional and literary pursuits, Dwinnells enjoys mountain climbing, running road races, hiking, and indulging in his love for reading and writing. His commitment to physical and mental fitness, coupled with a healthy diet, is integral to his lifestyle, all shared with his wonderful family in northeast Ohio.

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