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Exploring Noahswap: Non-Performing Assets Solutions in Web3 Space

Malaysia, 4th Sep 2023 – Noahswap is the World’s First Non-Performing Asset (NPA) platform, dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for cryptocurrency investors, assisting users in mitigating and avoiding investment losses. Through the staking of NPAs, Noahswap not only yields returns from its community of investors, but also brings light to your confidence by unlocking long-term values, enhancing profitability and offering a lifeline to those who have faced challenges in the volatile market.

Set to debut on September 1st, the Noahswap website boasts a suite of groundbreaking features and prospects. A highlight is the premier Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) for its utility token, NOAH. This offers enthusiasts a unique chance to engage with Noahswap’s foundational phase and to be part of its pioneers ahead.

Non-Performing Assets in the Bear Market

Before delving into the core ecosystem of Noahswap, let’s first understand the Non-Performing Assets (NPA).

Non-Performing Assets (NPA) traditionally originate from loans, debts, or investments tied to banks, financial entities, or corporate ventures. These assets earn their non-performing status when borrowers default or when investments plummet in value, making NPA management pivotal for maintaining the financial institutions’ equilibrium.

In this crypto world where everything is decentralized, similar issues arise. People acquire assets through DeFi projects, mining, or token investments, yet bear market could lead to a sharp decline in asset value, especially during market crash. Many holders hesitate to liquidate their holdings, often leading to financial strains due to dwindling portfolio values and ensuing liquidity concerns. Therefore, in the blockchain world, it is imperative for holders to embrace risk-mitigation tactics: diversifying portfolios, thoroughly understanding projects, and constantly recalibrating investment strategies.

Noahswap’s Solution

At the heart of Noahswap is the mission to breathe life into what are termed ‘Non-Performing Assets’ (NPAs). Through a unique staking mechanism, Noahswap allows users to consolidate their undervalued NPAs into asset bundles. Once staked on the platform, users are compensated with the equivalent value in the stablecoin, NUSD. Thanks to an amplification process, these NUSD tokens mirror the value of the staked assets, offering a streamlined and effective strategy for users to boost potential returns.

Deep Dive into Stake-Trading Model Analysis:

Building Asset Bundle: Users can compose an asset bundle from Non-Performing Assets across different mainnets and stake it on the Noahswap platform. Noahswap supports ETH, Polygon, BSC, and Arbitrum, covering 97% of the token market.

– Staking and NUSD Allocation:: Noahswap issues users an appropriate quantity of NUSD based on the value of the staked asset bundle. NUSD serves as an internal stablecoin. The issuance of NUSD is linked to the value of the staked asset bundle, ensuring that the stablecoin is backed by actual assets.

Asset Bundle Value Multiplication: The NUSD derived from the staked assets can be amplified by factors ranging between 2x to 10x. This value magnification is crafted to enhance potential returns, making every staked NPA even more valuable

– Capitalizing on Returns: The amplified NUSD is versatile. Users can trade, hold, or explore a myriad of operations with it, fully harnessing and reaping potential returns.

Noahswap’s Tokenomics

The tokenomics of Noahswap is designed to create a stable, innovative, and versatile ecosystem. This ecosystem consists of two main tokens: NUSD and NOAH.

NUSD serves as a synthetic asset stablecoin, pegged 1:1 to USDT, ensuring stability of value. Additionally, the platform introduces the concept of asset amplification. By minting NUSD, users can amplify the value of their assets by 2-10 times, providing them with higher potential value.

The NOAH token is far more than just a token. It can also be used for trading, staking, and mining within the platform, facilitating stable value growth.Further pushing the envelope of innovation, users can stake NOAH to obtain the veNOAH ownership coefficient. Here’s where it gets interesting: veNOAH, a derivative of NOAH, holds equal value and maintains a 1:1 peg with NOAH. It empowers users to enjoy staking rewards without compromising asset access, thereby enhancing their yield boost in liquidity mining, along with increased voting and proposal rights.

For the crypto industry to truly flourish and magnetize trillions in capital investment, platforms like Noahswap aren’t just desirable — they’re indispensable. These platforms need to possess comprehensive systems for assessing, disposing of, and managing Non-Performing Asset to minimise losses and maintain market stability.

As the pioneer in the Non-Performing Asset management field, Noahswap presents a tremendous market opportunity within the cryptocurrency industry. Its decentralized, transparent, and efficient nature introduces entirely new investment opportunities for investors, injecting fresh vitality into the Non-Performing Assets management sector.

Yet, as the market matures and investor acumen sharpens, the demands for comprehensive risk-centric services will ascend. Anticipating this trajectory, Noahswap is poised to expand its offerings, encapsulating risk evaluation and varied asset distribution to resonate with market needs. This foresight, coupled with its pioneering initiatives, solidifies Noahswap’s stature as a beacon of innovation and metamorphosis in the NPA management arena.

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