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ROACHCOIN: An Invincible Memecoin created on the Binance Smart Chain

India, 1st Sep 2023, King NewsWireMemecoins, during the 2020 and 2021 crypto bull markets, were the hottest topics on the internet, garnering attention from the world’s leading fund managers and investment analysts. Unsurprisingly, memecoins during those years were outperforming the markets by a vast margin, and Dogecoin, from January 2021 to May 2021, rose 10,000%. Doge even made its way onto Saturday Night Live, with Elon Musk as the coin’s biggest narrative pumper.

Since then, the possibility of replicating Doge’s success has inspired countless memecoins to follow Doge’s pathway in hopes of becoming the next memecoin to capture the world’s attention.

CockroachCoin is another meme-inspired Dogecoin-like cryptocurrency that’s pursuing a mission to foster kindness, generosity, and positive social impact. CockroachCoin aims to be a fun and inclusive digital currency that can be used for various purposes such as tipping, making donations, learning, staking, and peer-to-peer transactions.

Inspiration Behind CockroachCoin’s Function

The CockroachCoin team has over a decade of combined experience in the cryptocurrency industry, which has provided them with considerable knowledge of blockchain technology, a deep understanding of how crypto exchanges operate, and how to successfully conduct proper business development, customer support, and community management.

Therefore, CockroachCoin strives to insert the philosophies and benefits of decentralized cryptocurrencies and blockchains into its inner workings and prospectus.

As a cryptocurrency, CockroachCoin doesn’t want to only be a memecoin, it also wants to be an altcoin with utility. This is one reason why the founders chose to brand the coin as Cockroach Coin (or RoachCoin) because in realistic environments and in nature, the cockroach insect has a function.

So despite being frightening to many, especially to those with insect or pest phobias, the cockroach has certain symbolic similarities to humans and to the ethos of cryptocurrency and blockchain itself.

For example, cockroaches are social creatures that are adaptable to nearly all environments, and defiant in their desire for survival. Moreover, they’re prolific in their ability to reproduce rapidly like humans and serve a function and purpose in the natural ecosystem such as recycling nutrients and contributing to the decomposition process, serving as a food source for many predators in the wild, aiding in nutrient recycling, and pollinating certain plants.

Therefore, CockroachCoin is attempting to create a cryptocurrency that can realize the positive properties of cockroaches and apply them to the world of finance and technology. For example, fostering a healthy financial system, creating an adaptable financial instrument that can defy the negative traits of TradFi, and serving as a resilient coin that can survive the nuclear winter that bear markets bring.

CockroachCoin’s Token Dynamics & Future

The CockroachCoin token, ROACHCOIN, is a token on the Binance Smart Chain with a total supply of 300 million tokens. ROACHCOIN’s tokenomic structure is as follows: 30% is allocated to the pre-sale, 15% is allocated to private sale, 15% is for liquidity, 12% is for marketing, 5% is for CEX listing and distribution, 3% dedicated to airdrops, and most importantly, 20% of the distribution is for a burning mechanism. In essence, ROACHCOIN will never increase its supply and will gradually experience deflation through burning mechanisms, of which 20% of the total tokens will be burned.

In the future, ROACHCOIN will be listed on multiple centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap. In addition, the team will conduct airdrops, pre-sales, events, and community collaborations to decentralize the future roadmap of the coin.

About Cockroach Coin (ROACHCOIN)

ROACHCOIN is both a meme cryptocurrency coin and an altcoin that was inspired by Dogecoin and created as a lighthearted and entertaining alternative to Bitcoin. ROACHCOIN’s total supply is 300 million tokens, of which 20% will be gradually burned through a burning mechanism. ROACHCOIN was created on the Binance Smart Chain.

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Rupesh Kumar Chaudhary (Founder of ROACHCOIN)

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