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Therapeutic Solutions International Granted Landmark United States Patent on Ability of QuadraMune® Nutraceutical to Repair Injured Brains

Commercially Available Nutraceutical Potentially Effective Against COVID-19 Brain Fog

Therapeutic Solutions International (TSOI) announced today receipt of a “Notice of Allowance” from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its patent entitled “Neuroprotection and Neuroregeneration by Pterostilbene and Compositions Thereof.”

The patent covers protection of brain cells, as well as stimulation of brain repair, using ingredients in QuadraMune® and variations of the ingredients. The Company has previously demonstrated synergy between the ingredients in this nutraceutical. This is the third patent being granted on QuadraMune®, which is commercially available from numerous sources, including on Amazon1. The first patent covered the use of QuadraMune® for immune modulation in cancer and COVID-192. The second covered prevention and treatment of COVID-193 by QuadraMune® administration.

“Having witnessed first-hand positive patient experiences with QuadraMune®, as well as having led the research for development and testing of this novel “first-in-class” nutraceutical, we are very proud to have been granted exclusivity by the United States Government for using this nutraceutical for neuroprotection and neuroregeneration," said Dr. James Veltmeyer, Chief Medical Officer of the Company. “The neurological issues associated with COVID-19 are difficult to overstate. I feel that QuadraMune® has a potential place in the prevention and treatment of long COVID-19 and neurological manifestations.”

Previously the Company has shown that QuadraMune® can increase the ability of natural killer cells to kill target cells, which is an important part of the body’s defense mechanisms to viruses and cancer. Interestingly, addition of the diabetes drug metformin increased activity of QuadraMune®.

“We are thankful for the leadership role of Dr. Veltmeyer and his team for having created a science-based approach that has led to multiple patents and therapeutic directions,” said Timothy Dixon, President, and CEO of the Company and co-inventor. “As a company currently running a Phase III trial in COVID-19 we are enthusiastic at the potential of having a natural based approach that could complement our stem cell therapy.”

About Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc.

Therapeutic Solutions International is focused on immune modulation for the treatment of several specific diseases. The Company's corporate website is

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