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“Bitdu Invests $1.5 Million in MSG: A Model Web3 Collaboration Driving the Ultimate Trading Experience”

In the Web3 era, grasping opportunities in the DEX field has become a challenging task for many centralized exchanges. Recently, the emerging cryptocurrency exchange Bitdu invested $1.5 million in MsgSender (MSG), catching the attention of professional traders. This event is seen as the beginning of centralized exchanges actively embracing the DeFi world and empowering Web3 applications.

So, what is MSG, and why did Bitdu make this investment? What does it mean for the cryptocurrency market and the Web3 world? The following discussion will address these questions one by one.

I.MSG: Born to Aggregate Web3 Applications, Bitdu Expands Its Trading Ecosystem

MSG is an all-in-one Web3 trading terminal that aggregates on-chain protocols and lowers the barriers to DeFi usage, aiming to provide users with a safer, more professional, and more convenient Web3 trading platform. Compared to other Web3 trading gateways, MSG offers one-click connectivity to PancakeSwap, enabling instant trades. It maintains the product interface of centralized exchanges while ensuring asset and data on-chain integration, combining the strengths of both DEX and CEX. MSG also introduces more intelligent trading features like algorithmic trading and the ability to track multiple key metrics with a single click, positioning its trading experience as a leader in the DeFi world. Bitdu’s investment in MSG allows them to expand their trading ecosystem and further penetrate the Web3 world.

Bitdu is a promising player in the cryptocurrency trading arena, founded in 2020 and serving over a million users across 80+ countries and regions. Its core team members come from prominent companies like Binance, Huobi, Google, and SoftBank. Bitdu’s product offerings span fiat, derivatives, and spot trading, with a zero-fee C2C trading option that supports multiple national currencies and incorporates an advanced copy trading system.

In summary, Bitdu, with its solid foundation, is poised for significant success in future market conditions. However, to thrive in this evolving landscape, Bitdu must continue to immerse itself in the Web3 world, engage closely with quality DApps, access trading data, leverage DeFi advantages, and continually iterate its features to better serve a global user base. Therefore, the investment in MSG reflects Bitdu’s ambition to expand its trading ecosystem and its commitment to delivering the ultimate trading experience to Web3 users.

II.6 Core Advantages that Make Bitdu the Top Choice for Contract Trading

Returning to Bitdu’s CEX business, the platform excels in the contract trading domain with unique strengths that set it apart in the industry. Presently, Bitdu’s contract trading section stands out as one of the best choices for users, offering the following core advantages:

1.Diverse Contract Types: Bitdu covers perpetual contracts, futures contracts, and delivery contracts, and is responsive to market trends and demands by promptly developing new products like prediction contracts.

2.Rich Strategies: Bitdu offers a range of contract trading strategies, supports both automatic and manual trading modes, and includes multiple automated trading programs (Martingale strategy, arbitrage strategy), with plans for launching more advanced trading tools and products in the future.

3.Copy Trading System: Users can easily follow expert traders, select from various data indicators, and enjoy some of the highest revenue-sharing rates in the industry, facilitating automated profit generation for copy traders.

4.Smooth Experience: Bitdu boasts a proprietary high-performance matching engine and a stable trading system that ensures millisecond-level execution. It leads the industry in trading experience, with no downtime or latency issues during contract trading – guaranteeing zero system failures.

5.High Security: The platform employs multiple security measures, including strong SSL encryption, 1:1 asset storage, multi-signature asset isolation, and security audits by Armors.

6.Asset Exchange: Deposits and withdrawals are convenient and secure, with Bitdu supporting users’ needs before and after contract trading. Bitdu’s C2C trading has zero fees and supports multiple national currencies, with integration into the SEPA transfer system in the EU. Additionally, Bitdu holds licenses in Lithuania (VASP), the United States (MSB Financial), and Canada (MSB), promising enhanced asset exchange services in the future.

Looking ahead, Bitdu’s contract trading section will serve as a key breakthrough in driving innovation in the cryptocurrency market. For users, it presents a new, lower-risk choice with the potential for higher earnings.

III. Making Informed Decisions in a Bear Market: Bitdu as a Web3 Value Discoverer

The latter half of 2023 has seen a subdued cryptocurrency market, and the Web3 investment and financing markets have also entered a low period, influenced by the broader market conditions. According to data from The Block Research, the investment in cryptocurrency venture capital in August amounted to less than $500 million, marking the fourth consecutive month of decline, and the lowest monthly investment since January 2021.

Bitdu, as an emerging cryptocurrency exchange, has accumulated substantial capital and established itself through exceptional operational skills and outstanding product performance since its inception in 2020. Its decision to invest in a bear market not only showcases Bitdu’s financial strength but also demonstrates its confidence and responsibility in the cryptocurrency market.

With the challenge of replicating the core competitive advantages of DEX that most centralized exchanges face, Bitdu’s proactive embrace of change and investment in high-quality Web3 projects is a testament to its commitment to self-improvement and ongoing product optimization. We have every reason to believe that, as a leading centralized exchange, Bitdu is not just the ideal cryptocurrency trading tool for a broad user base; in empowering global users, Bitdu will also become a Web3 value discoverer.

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