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Points for Carbide Rotary File Operation

Carbide rotary file is mainly driven by power tools or air tools (can also be mounted on the machine tool), the rotation speed is generally 6000-40000 rpm, the use of the tool needs to be clamped, clamping the right, the cutting direction should be uniformly moving from right to left, can not be reciprocating cutting, and do not exert too much force, to prevent the cutting of the work of the flying scattered, please use protective glasses.

Since the operation of the carbide burr is embedded in the grinding machine and controlled manually; the pressure and feed rate of the file are determined by the working conditions and the experience and skill of the operator. Although, the skilled operator will be able to pressure and feed speed within a reasonable range, but here still need to explain to emphasize: First, to avoid in the speed of the grinding machine to become smaller in the case of supplementing the application of too much pressure, which will make the file overheating, easy to blunt; Second, as far as possible to make the tool to maximize the contact with the workpiece, because more cutting edge can be deeper into the workpiece, the machining effect can become better; Finally, to avoid the file handle part of the contact with the workpiece, because this will make the file overheating, and can damage or even destroy the copper welding head.

It is important to replace or resharpen dull file heads in a timely manner to prevent their total destruction. Dull files cut very slowly, so you have to increase the pressure of the grinder to increase the speed, which will inevitably cause damage to the file and the grinder, which costs much more than the cost of replacing or resharpening dull files.

Lubricants can be used in conjunction with the operation, liquid wax lubricants and synthetic lubricants are more effective and can be added to the file head in regular drips at regular intervals. 

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