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Kinghelm’s General Manager, Song Shiqiang, visits and guides work at the production base in Luzhai, Guangxi

On the morning of May 16th, Song Shiqiang, the general manager of Slkor, a subsidiary of Kinghelm (, drove for six hours with the R&D and quality control team from the Shenzhen headquarters to the production base in Luzhai County, Guangxi to guide the work there. Song and his team carefully inspected and guided the work, and were warmly welcomed by the employees at the production base. Since the start of production this year, both Kinghelm Electronics and Slkor Semiconductor ( have experienced continuous growth in performance, such as achieving a single-day revenue of over one million on April 29th, setting a new record. Faced with the rapid increase in orders and delivery pressure, they are striving to ensure "hardcore quality" to control product quality and achieve a virtuous cycle of "research-production-sales".

A photo of Director Liu Huan (left) from Kinghelm's production base in Luzhai, Guangxi, and General Manager Song Shiqiang (right) posing together.

General Manager Song Shiqiang conducted a thorough inspection and observation in the production workshop.

General Manager Song Shiqiang and his entourage first inspected the production workshop, conducting a detailed observation of the operation of multiple automated assembly lines, particularly focusing on the performance of fully automatic wire cutting machines, terminal crimping machines, and assembly equipment. Following the observation, he gave full recognition to the effectiveness of the workshop's 7S management, and highly praised the unified attire of all employees, their high spirits, standardized operations, and efficient work.

Later, Chairman Liu Huan presented a detailed report to General Manager Song Shiqiang during the meeting, focusing on the quality management achievements of the Guangxi Luzhai production base of Kinghelm (, as well as the current status and the production schedule for the second half of 2024. This will provide a strong guarantee for the on-time and high-quality delivery of a large number of orders.

Following that, Director Liu Huan organized a weekly quality management meeting with production management personnel. During the meeting, everyone was filled with confidence and joy upon learning about the significant increase in subsequent orders, larger production volumes, and heavier production tasks, which would result in their income doubling. The abundance of orders not only signifies the market's recognition of the Kinghelm brand and products but also demonstrates the headquarters' trust in the production base. This will effectively motivate everyone to work even harder and achieve results in all aspects of their work.

General Manager Song Shiqiang (second from the left in the back) taking a commemorative photo with representative employees from the production base.

Finally, General Manager Song Shiqiang stated that the internationalization strategy and domestic substitution strategy of the Kinghelm brand and products have achieved remarkable development results. This is attributed to Kinghelm's 17 years of steadfast commitment to quality, providing customers with first-class products and comprehensive technical support. Currently, the company's advantages, such as a strong platform, renowned brand, and high-quality resources, are increasingly prominent. Here, the production base's competitive pricing, safe and punctual delivery, stringent quality control processes, and high-quality output all contribute significantly to our success! On behalf of the company headquarters, I, Song Shiqiang, express gratitude to all the hardworking and dedicated employees at the production base. I hope that everyone will continue to work hard, contributing to the flourishing development of Kinghelm and realizing their own dreams through practical actions!

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