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Take Investment Promotion As The “Number One Project” In Jinghai District

Jinghai District will combine industrial characteristics and resource endowments, gather forces from all parties, make full efforts to attract investment in the industrial chain, and speed up the introduction of large and good projects with high technology content, broad market prospects and strong radiation drive.

Take Investment Promotion As The "Number One Project" In Jinghai District To Do A Good Job In This "Combination Boxing"

On March 6, Qu Haifu, the mayor of Jinghai District, made a special plan for the live program "See the action and see the effect - interview with the 2023 district head". Qu Haifu said that in 2023, Jinghai District, centering on the construction of a modern industrial system, formulated and issued a "high-quality development action plan for manufacturing industry", which will continue to supplement and forge the weak points, support and guide enterprises to implement high-end, intelligent and green transformation, and effectively improve the toughness and safety level of the industrial chain supply chain.

"Jinghai District will vigorously promote the high-end, intelligent and green development of manufacturing industry." Qu Haifu said that Jinghai District will expand and strengthen the leading and emerging industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing, bio-pharmaceuticals, new energy and new materials, increase the cultivation and introduction of "chain owners" and leading enterprises, and constantly improve the modernization level of the industrial chain supply chain; Build a number of smart factories and digital workshops, realize the intelligent digital upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, improve production efficiency and product quality, and form a demonstration and leading role; Vigorously develop green manufacturing, encourage and guide the green and low-carbon circular development of traditional industries, and fully promote the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

Jinghai District proposed that in order to improve the quality and efficiency of the traditional manufacturing industry and realize the intelligent digital upgrading, it will provide support and help from reducing enterprise costs, solving capital problems, strengthening the support for scientific and technological innovation, and fully promote the intelligent transformation of enterprises and improve efficiency. At the same time, Jinghai District will introduce digital transformation service providers and promote new intelligent manufacturing technologies.

There are many enterprises with traditional production methods in Jinghai District. When it comes to transformation, these enterprises need to change their traditional development and business ideas. To this end, Jinghai District actively held policy exchange training sessions to expand the knowledge and coverage of enterprises on intelligent manufacturing policies. At the same time, we will build a docking and exchange platform between enterprises and service institutions, select a group of outstanding system integration service providers outside the region from the municipal resource pool, such as Tianjin Institute of Industry and Technology, Intelligent Research Institute, Helkoos, Kingdee Software, to carry out exchange services, and provide in-depth on-site guidance to traditional ferrous metal processing enterprises such as Lianzhong Steel PipeYuantai Derun, and Tianyingtai, and introduce intelligent manufacturing application scenarios and typical cases of 5G application scenarios, This will enable enterprises to have a better understanding of "digital transformation", improve their understanding of intelligent manufacturing, improve their willingness to intelligent transformation, and strive to create a good atmosphere for promoting the development of intelligent technology industry.

Qu Haifu said that this year, Jinghai District will continue to regard investment attraction as the "number one project" of the six key battles, anchor the target of 15 billion yuan unchanged, and strive to do a good job in the "combination" of industrial chain investment attraction, business attraction, fund investment attraction and full investment attraction, and constantly improve the success rate, landing rate and conversion rate of investment attraction.

Jinghai District will focus on investment in leading industries, promote investment in the industrial chain around key industries such as new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, bio-pharmaceuticals, and focus on chain owners, leading enterprises, and "specialized and special new" enterprises to further strengthen the chain. Focusing on full-time and part-time talent investment, 110 people from all walks of life were hired as investment consultants to improve the source of investment target projects. At the same time, we signed agreements with more than 30 investment promotion intermediaries, such as wutong Tree, Yunbai Capital and Haihe Fund, to attract the big and strong with the help of external forces. Focus on carrier investment. Centering on the "3+5" key township parks, we will carry out the infrastructure upgrading and reconstruction project of the park, build and renovate a batch of water supply, power supply, road network, 5G and other infrastructure, simultaneously improve the rainwater, sewage, natural gas, communication and other pipelines, and do a good job in land leveling to meet the conditions for mature land transfer. Implement conditional transfer of industrial standard land, set control indicators such as input, output value, energy consumption and tax for new industrial projects, and highlight the industrial development orientation of "hero per mu". Plan and build a batch of standard plants, so that new projects can be built and new enterprises can be produced when they come in. In addition, focus on investment attraction in key regions. Jinghai District has set up the Investment Promotion Headquarters in Beijing to actively undertake high-quality manufacturing, scientific and technological innovation resources and modern service industry projects, ensure the introduction of 10 Beijing projects with more than 100 million yuan, and achieve the funds of more than 3.5 billion yuan. Set up two investment promotion offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen, carry out regular promotion activities, and strengthen cooperation and exchange with intermediary agencies and key enterprises.

Jinghai District will combine industrial characteristics and resource endowments, gather forces from all parties, make full efforts to attract investment in the industrial chain, and speed up the introduction of large and good projects with high technology content, broad market prospects and strong radiation drive.

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