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Is The DR Flat Panel Detector Better Wired Or Wireless

Wireless flat panel detectors are obviously superior to wired detectors in terms of portability and use alone.

Is the DR flat panel detector better wired or wireless?

Wireless flat panel detectors are obviously superior to wired detectors in terms of portability and use alone.

In terms of ease of use, wireless flat panel detectors are more flexible;

A wider range of clinical applications. Wireless flat panel detectors do not need to consider the limitations of transmission cables on clinical positioning. Obviously, wireless flat panel detectors have more advantages.

However, in terms of quality and lifetime, a wired flat panel detector may have a longer service life than a wireless flat panel detector because the strength of the wireless transmission signal is relatively affected by the surrounding environment than a wired DR flat panel detector.

The DR flat panel detector is better wired or wireless. Generally speaking, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

At the same time, the price of wireless flat panel detectors is slightly higher than that of wired flat panel detectors. You can choose whether to use a wired board or a wireless board based on your budget and actual usage scenario needs, or contact our personnel to help you choose the right one for you.

Where can flat panel detectors be applied?

Flat panel detectors, known as Digital Radiography (DR), are a new X-ray photography technology developed in the 1990s. With its significant advantages such as faster imaging speed, more convenient operation, and higher imaging resolution, they have become the leading direction of digital X-ray photography technology, and have been recognized by clinical institutions and imaging experts around the world. The core technology of DR is a flat panel detector, which is a precise and valuable device that plays a decisive role in imaging quality. Familiarity with the performance indicators of the detector can help us improve imaging quality and reduce X-ray radiation dose.

The flat panel detector is an imaging device that can be used with different X-ray machines, directly imaging on a computer, and can be applied to clinical testing and radiography. Our commonly used static flat panel detectors are used in conjunction with radiography machines to assist with X-ray imaging when taking chest radiographs, limbs, lumbar spine, and other parts. For example, when taking chest radiographs, the flat panel detector can be placed on the chest radiograph rack, held by a person, and exposed by an X-ray machine to the flat panel detector, which can be imaged on a computer, making the operation very simple and convenient.

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